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lesson 9

chemical digestion of carbohydrates is completed in the small intestines
carbohydrates may be classified as monosaccharides, disaccharides, and polysaccharides
proteins are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen
lipids or fats contain how many calories per gram of fat 9
highest level of toxicity in vitamins is vitamins a and d
best diet of a person with pressure sores high protein high vitamin c high calorie and increased fluids and zinc
Macrominerals are iron, sodium, and calcium
sodium regulates body fluid osmolarity, ph and body fluid volume
best question to ask when taking history have you lost weight in the last month
best records to review when doing a diet history 24 hour recall
minimum data sheets designated as K
anthropometric measurements are obtained to determin lean body mass
make routine visits to determine the clients understanding of the diet
ask when taking a diet history do you have any food allergies
chart dietary info in medical records progress notes
in nursing home how many days after admission must an inital assessment be completed 14 days
monthly documentation must include weight
SOAP method subjective,objective,assessment, and plan
following info available when reviewing medical records diagnosis, medical history, height, weight,lab values, diet order
assistive eating devices include special utensils and special drinking cups
who is responsible for prescribing diet orders the physician
diet orders may be changed by physician and interdisciplinary team
initial diet order is located in what area of clients medical record physicians orders
term to describe how much energy a body needs when at complete rest BEE basal energy expenditure
Malnutrition poor nutrition from insufficient diet
marasmus severe malnutrition
kwashiorkor disease from inadequate amout of protein
if a patient is npo how many hours before a nutrition assessment be done 72 hours
rumba realistic,understandable,measurable,behavioral,achievable
pie problem,intervention,evaluation
pag problem,approach,goal
abcd of nutrition assessment Anthropometric measurements,biochemical data, clinical data,dietary assessment
dash diet dietary approach to stop hypertension
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