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ch 17 & 19 of 123

123 mot study review 17 &19

the basic metabolic rate is the term for the body's heat production when the body is at rest
The normal range of human body tem is __F to ___ F and the average tem is 98.6 96 F to 99 F
Heat is produced as one of 4 products in the process called Cell respiration
the major pathway of heat loss from the body is by way of the ___ (organ) because it covers the body surface skin
the part of the brain that may be considered the body thermostat is the ___ hypothalamus
a fever is an abnormally ___ body temp high
list the 3 stages of a cell respiration of a molecule of glucose Glycolysis, Krebs Citric Acid Cycle, Cytochrome Transport
simple organic molecules that have a variety of functions are called vitamins
list 3 of the 7 factors that affect the metabolic rate of an active person exercise, age, climate
list 2 of the 5 factors which can affect cell respiration and therefore effect heat production stress, normal active organs, food intake
the water found w/in the cells is called ___ and is about ____ of the total body water intracellullar fluid and 2/3
osmolarity is best defined as the concentration of dissolved materials present in a fluid false
when the body is dehydrated the osmolarity of body fluid increases or decreases increases
anions carry a ___ charge. give 2 examples of element symbols in proper upper and lower case letters for an anions negative SO4-2 and Cl-
cations carry a ___ CHARGE. GIVE 2 examples of element symbols in proper upper and lower case letters for a cations K+, H+
electrolytes are present in urine when their blood levels are lower or higher than the body's need for them higher
the normal range of pH for blood is ____ to ____ 7.35 - 7.45
a pH below 7 is considered ____ and a pH above 7 is considered ____ Acid, Alkaline
the purpose of a buffer system is to prevent drastic changes in the pH of body fluid True
minerals are inorganic
acidosis is most harmful on which body system ____ and causes depression / stimulation of impulses. CNS, it depresses
what is metabolicism all chemical reactions to the body
what is anabolism formation smaller to larger molecules bonds
what is connibalism decomposition, larger to smaller
the basic metabolic rate is the term for the body's heat production when the body is at rest
what are the three elements involed in the electrolyte imbalances Na, K, Ca
alkalosis effects what body systems and what does it do to the impulses CNS and PNS, stimulates impulses
Created by: mary t