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absorpt to suck in
acoust/o hearing
ades stuck to
ambly/o dim, dull
atel/o imperfect
arther/o fatty substance
aur/o ear
auricul/o ear
balan glans penis
bas/o base
bil/i gall, bile
blephar/o eyelid
brach/i arm (brachial)
burs a pouch
cartil gristle
cec/o cecum
celi/o belly, abdomen
cept receive
cerebell/o little brain
cerebr/o cerebrum
chol/e gall, bile
chole/cyst/o gallbladder
cirrh orange-yellow
clavic/o clavicle
clavicul/o clavicle
coagul/o clot
coax hip
coccyg/o coccyx, tailbone
cor/o pupil
core/o pupil
cortic/o cortex, outer region
crur leg, thigh (crural)
cuss sound, hearing
cyan/o dark blue
cyst/o bladder, sac
dacry/o tear
dendr/o tree
diaphor/o profuse sweating
dipl/o double
dips/o thirst
duoden/o duodenum
dur/o dura, hard
encephal/o brain
eosin/o rose-colored
episi/o perineum
equ/i equal
erythem/o redness
erythemat/o redness
eti/o cause
fibul/o fibula
foc focus
follicul little bag
format a shaping
ganglion knot
gli/o glue
globul/o globe, protein
granul/o grain
halat breath
iatr treatment
icter jaundice
inguin/o groin
integument a covering
isch to hold back
jejun/o jejunim
kal/i potassium
labi/o lip
lacrim/o tear
lamin/o lamina
lamin/o thin plate
lapar/o adbomen, abdominal cavity
libr/i balance
lord/o curve, swayback
lumb/o loins, lower back
mandibul/o mandible, lower jaw
mastoid mastoid process
mening/i membrane
mening/o membrane
menisc cresent
my to shut
myring/o tympanic membrane (eardrum)
narc/o numbness
neutr/o sodium
nom law, govern
norm rule
nucle/o kernel, nucleus
nyctal/o night
olecran elbow
onc/o tumor
peritone/o peritoneum
pha/o eat, engulf
phleb/o vein
phot/o light
pil/o hair, hair follicle
pituitar/o pituitary gland
poli/o gray
presby old
presby old
prohylact garding
proxim/o near
pub/o pubis
pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor/o pyloric sphincter
ren/o kidney
rheumat discharge
rhytid/o wrinkle
sacr/o sacrum
scoli/o crooked, bent
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
spir/o breath
steat/o fat
stern/o sternum (breast bone)
stigmat without point, abnormal curvature
stomato/o mouth
synov/o sunovial membrane, synovial fluid
tars/o tarsals
thromb clot
thromb/o thrombus, clot
thym/o thymus
ton/o to stretch
top/o place
tympan/o tympanic membrane (eardrum)
uln/o ulna
vag/o vagus, wandering
ventr/o belly (front) side
ventricul/o little belly
xanth/o yellow
xer/o dry
xiph sword
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