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abdomin/o abdomen (abdominal)
absorpt to suck in
acoust/o hearing
acr/o extremity
aden/o gland
ades stuck to
adren/o adrenal glands
adrenal/o adrenal glands
all other
ambly/o dim
an/o anus
andr/o male
angi/o vessel (blood vessel)/valve
ankyl/o ankle
ankyl/o stiffness
anter/o front
append/o appendix
appendic/o appendix
aque/o water
arthr/o joint
atel/o imperfect
ather/o fatty substance
atri/o atrium
audi/o hearing
audit/o hearing
aur/o ear
auricul/o ear
aut/o self
axill armpit
axill/o axilla
balan/o glans penis
bas/o base
bi/o life
bil/i gall
blephar/o eyelid
brach/i arm (brachial)
bronch bronchi
bronch/i bronchi
bronch/o bronchi
bucc/o cheek (buccal)
burs a pouch
calc calcium
calc/o calcium
calci/o calcium
carcin/o cancer
card heart
card/i heart
cardi/o heart (cardiac)
carp/o wrist
cartil gristle
caud/o tail (downward)
cec/o cecum
celi/o belly
ceph head
cephal head
cephal/o head
cept receive
cerebell/o little brain
cerebr/o cerebrum
cervic/o neck
chem/o chemical
chol/e gall
chole/cyst/o gallbladder
chondr/o cartilage
cirrh orange-yellow
cis cut
clavic/o clavicle
clavicul/o clavicle
coagul/o clot
coax hip
coccyg/o coccyx
col/o colon
colp/o vagina
concuss shaken violently
conjunctiv/o conjunctiva
continence to hold
cor/o pupil
core/o pupil
corne cornea
cortic/o cortex
cost/o ribs (costal)
crani cranium
crani/o skull (cranial)
crin/o to secrete
crur leg
crypt/o hidden
cubit elbow (cubital)
cuss sound
cutane/o skin
cyan/o dark blue
cyst/o bladder
cyt/o cell
dacry/o tear
dactyl/o finger
dem people
dendr/o tree
dent teeth (dental)
dent/i tooth
derm/a skin
derm/o skin
dermat/o skin
diaphor/o profuse sweating
dipl/o double
dips/o thirst
disk disk
dist/o away (from the point of attachment to the body)
dors/o back
duoden/o duodenum
dur/o dura
electr/o electric
encephal/o brain
enter/o small intestines
eosin/o rose-colored
epididym/o epididymis
episi/o perineum
equ/i equal
erythem/o redness
erythemat/o redness
erythr/o red
esophag/o esophagus
esthesi/o sensation
estr/o female
eti/o cause
faci/o face
femor leg
femor/o femur
fibul/o fibula
foc focus
follicul little bag
format a shaping
ganglion knot
gastr/o stomach
gene formation
gerent/o old age
gingiv gums
gingiv/o gums
gli/o glue
globul/o globe
glomerul/o glomerulus
gloss/o tongue (glossal)
gluc/o sugar
glyc/o sugar
glycos/o sugar
gonad/o sex glands (ovaries & testes)
granul/o grain
gravida pregnant
gyn/o female
gynec/o female
halat breathe
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
hidr/o sweat
home/o sameness
hormon/o hormone
humer/o humerus
hydr/o water
hypn/o sleep
hyster/o uterus
iatr treatment
ichthy/o scaly
icter jaundice
ile/o ileum
illus foot
immun/o immune
infect infection
infern/o below
inguin/o groin
integument a covering
isch to hold back
jejun/o jejunum
kal/i potassium
kerat/o keratin
kilo a thousand
kyph/o hill
labi/o lip
labyrinth/o maze
lacrim/o tear
lact/o milk
lamin/o lamina
lamin/o thin plate
lapar/o adbomen
laryng/o larynx
later/o side
letharg drowsiness
leuk/o white
libr/i balance
lingu/o tongue (lingual)
lip/o fat
lith/o stone
lob/o lobe
log study of
lord/o curve
lumb/o loins
lymph/o lymph
lymphaden/o lymph node (gland)
macr/o large
malign bad kind
mamm/o breast (mammary)
mandibul/o mandible
manus hand
mast breast
mast/o breat
mastoid mastoid process
maxill/o maxilla
maxim greatest
meat/o opening
medi/o middle
melan/o black
men/o month
mening/i membrane
mening/o membrane
menisc crescent
metri uterus
minim least
muscul/o muscles (muscular)
my to shut
my/o muscle
myc/o fungus (fungi include yeasts
myel/o bone marrow
myos/o muscle
myring/o tympanic membrane (eardrum)
narc/o numbness
nas/o nose (nasal)
nat/o birth
natr/o sodium
necr death
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerves (neural)
neutr/o neither
nom law
norm rule
nucle/o kernel
nyctal/o night
ocul/o eye
odont/o tooth
olecran elbow
olig/o scanty
onc/o tumor
onych/o nail
oophor/o ovary
ophthalm/o eye
opt/o eye
opthalm/o eye
opthalmo eye
or/o mouth (oral)
or/o mouth
orch/o testis
orchid/o testis
organ organ
orth/o straight
oste/o bones
ot ear
ot/o ear (otic)
ox oxygen
ox/i oxygen
ox/y oxygen
pachy/o thick
palat/o palate
palm palm
pancreat/o pancreas
para to bear
parathyroid/o parathyroid gland
parturit in labor
patell/o patella
path/o disease
ped child
ped/o foot
pelv/i pelvis
pelv/o pelvis
pen/o penis
peritone/o peritoneum
phag/o eat
phalang/o phalanges (bones of fingers and toes)
pharyng/o throat
phleb/o vein
phob/o fear
phone voice
phot/o light
phyt/o plant
pil/o hair
pituitar/o pituitary gland
pneum/o lung
pneumat/o lung
pneumon lung
pod/o foot
poli/o gray
pollex thumb
poster/i back
presby old
proct/o anus and rectum
prohylact garding
prostat/o prostate gland
proxim/o near (the point of attachment to the body)
prurit itching
psych/o mind
pub/o pubis
pulm/o lungs (pulmonary)
pulmon/o lungs
pupill/o pupil
py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor/o pyloric sphincter
pyr/o heat
pyret fever
quadr/i four
quadr/o four
radi/o ray
radi/o radius
rect/o rectum
ren/o kidney
rheumat discharge
rheumat/o rheumatism
rhin/o nose
rhytid/o wrinkle
sacr/o sacrum
salping/o uterine (fallopian) tube
scapul/o scapula
scler/o hard
scler/o sclera (white of the eye)
scoli/o crooked
seb/o sebum
semin/i semen
sept putrefaction
sept/o septum
septic putrefying
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
spadias an opening or tear
sperm/o spermatozoa
spermat/o spermatozoa
spir/o breath
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o vertebrae (backbone)
squam/o scale-like
staped stirrup
steat/o fat
stern/o sternum (breastbone)
steth/o chest
stigmat without point
stomato/o mouth
super/o above
sympath sympathy
synov/o synovial membrane
tars/o tarsals
tempora temples (temporal)
ten/o tendon
tend/o tendon
tendin/o tendon
tens tension/pressure
test/o testis
therm/o heat
thorac chest
thorac/o chest (thorax)
thromb clot
thromb/o thrombus
thym/o thymus
thyr/o thyroid gland
thyroid/o thyroid gland
tibi/o tibia
tinnit ringing
toc birth
ton/o to stretch
tonsil tonsil
tonsil/o tonsils
top/o place
trache/o trachea
trich/o hair
tuss cough
tympan/o tympanic membrane (eardrum)
uln/o ulna
umbilic navel (umbilical)
ung nail
ur/o urine
ur/o urine
ure urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
uter/o uterus
uvul/o uvula
vag/o vagus
vagin/o vagina
vas/o vessel
vascul/o vascular
ven vein
ven/o vein
ventr/o belly (front) side
ventricul ventricle
ventricul/o little belly
vertebr/o vertebrae (backbone)
vulv/o vulva
xanth/o yellow
xer/o dry
xiph sword
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