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Dr.Manor CH.11-12

Medical Terminology for Health Professions: Eyes, Ears & Skin

Which term describes the sense of whirling, dizziness, and the loss of balance? Vertigo
Which Term describes a defect in the right or left half of the visual field? Hemianopsia
Which condition is also known as farsightedness? Hyperopia
Which term means an abnormal discharge from the ear? Otopyorrhea
Which hearing loss is progressive and associated with aging? Presbycusis
Which condition is characterized by the outward deviation of one eye relative to the other? Exotropia
Which term describes the buildup of pus within the middle ear? Purulent otitis media
Which term means the appendages or accessory structures of an organ? Adnexa
Which procedure provides temporary protection when the eyelids are paralyzed? Tarsorrhaphy
Which condition is also known as double vision? Diplopia
Which diagnostic test is used to measure hearing? Audiometry
Which term describes reattachment of a detached retina by using a laser? Retinopexy
Which diagnostic test is used to measure hearing? Tonometry
Which term means a surgical incision into the eardrum to create an opening for the placement of tympanostomy tubes? Myringotomy
Which abbreviation means right eye? OD
Which term describes the fibrous tissue outer layer of the eye? Sclera
Laser _____ is used to treat closed-angle glaucoma. Iridotomy
Which term describes a condition of involuntary, constant, rhythmic movement of the eyeball? Nystagmus
Which term describes the process whereby the eyes make adjustments for seeing objects at various distances? Accommodation
Which term describes the region where vision is sharpest on the retina? Macula
Which term describes a condition characterized by increased intraocular pressure resulting in damage to the optic nerve? Glaucoma
Which structures of the ear are important in maintaining equal atmospheric pressure within the middle ear? Eustachian tubes
Which term describes the angle where the upper and lower eyelids meet? Canthus
Which term means inflammation of the tympanic membrane? Myringitis
Which substance produces itching when released in response to allergens? Histamine
Pediculosis _____ is an infestation with body lice. Corporis
Which term describes the tissue layer directly below the epidermis? Corium
A _____ is an abnormal passage from an internal organ to the body surface. Fissure
Which term means any disorder of the pigmentation of the skin or hair? Albinism
Which skin condition responds to laser treatment? Rhinophyma
An _____ biopsy is performed using cells scraped from the tissue. Exfoliative
Which term describes the narrow band of epidermis attached to the surface of the nail just in front of the root?
Which condition is a flat, persistent, dark-red birthmark made of pigmented cells? Port-wine stain
Which term means excessive sweating? Hidrosis
Which term describes a large blister that is more than 0.5 centimeter in diameter? Bulla
Which term describes the surgical procedure of taking tucks in a structure to shorten it? Rhytidectomy
Which term describes a diffuse infection of connective tissue? Cellulitis
Which term describes flaking or a dry patch made up of an excess of dead epidermal cells? Scale
Which term is commonly known as itching? Pruritus
Which condition is an autoimmune disorder that causes abnormal tissue thickening? Scleroderma
Which term means a localized collection of pus within a circumscribed area? Abscess
A _____-degree burn involves damage to the epidermis, corium, and subcutaneous layers. Third
Which term describes a contagious superficial pyoderma caused by staphylococci and streptococci? Psoriasis
Which term describes the change in nails that is often an indication of iron deficiency anemia? Spoon nail
Which condition involves tissue death that is usually associated with a loss of circulation? Gangrene
Which form of skin cancer spreads quickly to other body systems? Squamous cell carcinoma
Which procedure is used to treat spider veins? Sclerotherapy
Which condition is an autoimmune disorder that is characterized by a red, scaly rash on the face and upper trunk? Lupus erythematosus
Which term describes an injury that does not break the skin? Contusion
Created by: DarlingSam