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Potrero -China

Ancient China

Which did not occur during the Tang dynasty? China underwent a period of disunion.
Why did Buddhism spread during the period of disunion? The people sought to escape suffering.
Why did cities grow during the Tang and Song periods? Businesses expanded to buy and sell agricultural products.
What is not a Chinese invention of the Tang and Song periods? crop irrigation.
Confucius lived 1,000 years before the Song dynasty.
Confucius's ideas were about proper behavior.
How was Neo- Confucianism different from Confucianism? It also focused on spiritual questions.
Who was Genghis Khan? a great Mongol warrior and conqueror of north China.
Marco Polo wrote a book about his visits to China.
What did Zheng He not do. Bring Marco Polo to China.
What is a Chinese discovery? Magnetic compass.
What is woodblock printing? Book pages are carved into wood and then printed on paper.
The civil service esams tested knowledge of Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism.
A bureaucracy is a body of unelected government officials.
What was the result of the civil service exams? A stable Song government.
Created by: retter