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ob/gyn test review

gynecology/obstertics test review

suturing of cysts walls to edges of wound, after evacuation to permit the cavity to close by granulation marsupialization
meaning abnormal growth or development dysplasia
herniation of the bladder into the vaginal canal cystocele
non-invasive cancer located in small areas of the epithelium layer carcinoma situ
areas of pathological altered tissue that may occur on/in all reproductive structures, may be benign or malignant leison
inability of the cervix to remain closed (undilated) until pregnancy reaches full term incompentent cervical os
placenta is abnormally implanted in the lower uterine segment, may completely cover the cervical os placenta previa
inability of the body to control the evacuative function due to physical stress on the body part involved stress incontenient
incision into the posterior cul-de-sac to determine diagnosis by interpernial palpation, inspection of pelvic organs, determination of free fluid, blood or pus in the pouch of douglas colpectomy
biopsy taken w/a scapel/cervitome to include the squamo-columnar junction of the of the extocervix & tapered to include the endocervical canal to the level of the internal os conization of the cervix
insertation of a water soluable radiopque dye into the cervical canal to study the structures/functions of uterus & fallopian tubes hysterosalpingography
endoscopic visulation of the peritinal cavity thru the anterior abdominal wall after pneumoperitoneum is established laparoscopy
cystolic study of smears of cervical & endocervical tissue obtained thru scrapings PAP smear
staining the vaginal vault & cervical squamous epithelum w/a iodine solution to pinpoint abnormal tissue, doesn't stain brown schillers test
suspension of the bladder to the sympubis to correct stress incontience marshall marchetti krantz
removal of fibromyoma form the uterine wall for pressure symptoms for women desiring children myoectomy
removal of reproductive organs, sigmoid colon, rectum with resulting colostomy used for cervical carcinoma involving the rectum, involving uterus & posterior wall posterior exeteration
removal of labias, glands & ocassionally for the treatment of carcinoma situ of the vulva simple vulvectomy
post conceptional placement of a collar type ligature at the level of internal os to close it for incompetence of the cervix shirodkar/macdonald cerclage operation
procedure that obilatrates the vagina by denuding & approximating the anterior/posterior walls to correct uterine prolapse, generally in the elderly lefort procedure
direct inspection of the interior of the uterus to diagnose/treat diseases via a scope hysteroscopy
excision of a core of tissue from the cervix to remove a cancerous leison of tissue for biopsy conination of the cervix
incision of the fallopian tube to evacute a pregnancy & preserve the tube for future pregnancies salpingostomy
strong iodine solution applied to the vagina tissue/cervix to identify abnormal tissue lugous solution
fistula between the rectum & vagina rectovaginal fistula
fistula between the ureter & vagina ureterovaginal fistula
types of lasers most commonly used to eradicate a bartholins cyst all of the above
removal of torn surfaces of the anterior/posterior cervical lips & reconstruct the cervical canal trachelorrhaphy
instrument used to clamp uterine ligaments haney hysterectomy forceps
instrument used for vaginal exposure while pt is awake graves vaginal speculum
instrument used to take 1 biopsy at the cervical os, provides hemostasis at the same time LEEP loop electrode
laproscopic instrument used for chromotubation intruterine cannula
instrument used to clamp the edges of the uterus during a c-section pennington forceps
# 48 order 4. surgeon grasps cervix w/uterine tenaculum/ makes circular incision around cervix w/curved mayo
# 48 order 1. surgeon picks up the posterior peritoneum w/toothed tissue forceps/incises w/knife or scissors
# 48 order 2. surgeon continues mobilazation of the uterus using long tissue forceps/long scissors
# 48 order 3. surgeon repentionizes the bladder, closes peritonium, inserts foley & dresses wound
# 49 order 3. surgeon inserts uterine manipulator into cervix
# 49 order 4. surgeon makes a small nick in the abdominal wall close to the umbilicus
# 49 order 1. surgeon attaches a lenght of flexible tubing to the needle while 1 end of the tube is passed to the circulator, who connects it to the insufflator
# 49 order 2. tech dips scope in hot water/antifog solution or wipes lens w/soap
# 50 order 2. assistant retracts the bladder downward w/bladder retractor
# 50 order 4. assistant pushes firmly on the pts upper abdomen while surgeon grasps the newborns head and rotates it upward
# 50 order cord blood samples are taken
# 50 order surgeon manually removes the placenta/places it in a large basin on the field
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