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Integ. ll #9

#9 matching terms

ABSCESS a localized collection of puss in any body part that results from invasion of puss-forming bacteria.
EXANTHEMATOUS VIRAL DISEASE such as in childhood infectious disease, these diseases have skin eruptions or rashes accompanied by inflammation, having specific diagnostic features.
TINEA PEDIS RINGWORM OF THE FOOT (between the toes and on the soles of the feet)
SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA a fast growing cancer of the squamous cells of the epithelial tissue.
SEBORRHEIC KERATOSIS also known as SENILE WARTS (brown or waxy yellow wart-like lesion(s), 5 to 20mm in diameter, loosely attached to the skin surface.
ONYCHOCRYPTOSIS an INGROWN NAIL occurs when the nail pierces the lateral fold of skin and grows into the dermis, causing swelling and pain.
TINEA CRURIS also known as JOCK ITCH, most commonly found in males groin area
TINEA also known as RINGWORM, a chronic fungal infection of the skin.
DEBRIDEMENT Removal of damaged or necrotic tissue from a wound, in order to promote healing.
necrotic dead
necrosis is the premature death of cells and living tissue.
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