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S.S 10.3 pgs168-175

S.S 10.3 pgs168-171

What city-state was located on the Aegean coast and had the strongest navy? Athens
What is the name for the form of government in which a few people have the ruling power? Oligarchy
Who broke the political power of Athens and freed debt-slaves? Solon
What is the name for a set of principles and rules for governing? Constitution
What is the word we use for "favoring equality for all"? Democratic
Which person gave land to poor farmers and no longer required land ownership for men to be citizens? Peisistratus
Who established the world's first democratic constitution, who's reforms lasted for almost 300 years? Cleithenese
What is the term for 10 judges? Magistrates
Which group handled the daily business of Athens, and were chose by lot rather than election? Council of Five Hundred
Which Greek city-state is located in Asia Minor and the nearby Aegean islands? Ionia
What is the name for the Persian King that led a campaign ro punish the mainland Greeks for supporting Ionia's revolution against Persian rule? Darius
The Greeks defeated the Persians on this plain near Athens in 490 BC Marathon
Who is the Greek goddess of victory? Nike
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