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Geriatrics Exam # 2

Geriatrics # 2 - Muscle, Skeletal & Body Review

What the two main causes why we get shorter as we get older? 1 - Decreased in bone mass,(Vertebral Compression); 2 - Thinning & drying of the intervertebral discs
What conditions are caused by decreased bone density? 1 - Osteoporosis (deterination of bone tissue) 2 - Osteopenia (Mild thinning of bone mass)
How much density do we lose every ten years? Women = 8%; men 3%
What is osteoporosis? Decrease in bone from loss of calcium
Why are women at a higher risk to develop this? Loss of estrogen during menipause
Where is subcutaneous tissue found? Under the skin; (Fatty, bottom layer)
What are 2 functions of SC tissue? Regulate tempRegulate skin tone
What is the result of decreased subcutaneous fat in the elderly? 1 - Skin is looser; 2 - Wrinkles; 3 - Control Body Temp
Do intracellular and intercellular fluids increase or decrease as we get older? Decrease
What are some dangerous conditions that an elderly person is more at risk for because of a decrease in fluids? 1 - Dehydration; 2 - Heat Stroke; 3 - increase risk of pressure ulcers
What happens to muscles & joints in the elderly? Become less elastic
How is ROM affected in the elderly? Decreases
Can a an elderly person increase their ROM? Yes, through exercise
What is muscle atrophy? Decrease in muscle mass & strength
What causes muscle atrophy? 1 - Normal aging; 2 - Non-use
What replaces lost mucsle fibers? Fibersis tissue & fat
What contributes to the increased risk of heatstroke in the elderly? 1 - Decrease in SQ skin layer; 2 - Decrease in sweat; 3 - Decrease total body water
Be able to list 3 ways you can protect an elderly person's skin? Daily skin inspection; Applying lotion to the skin; Turning & repositioning; Gently messaging around bony prominences; Encouraging good nutrition
Why are elderly people more prone to heatstroke? 1 - Cannot regulate body temp; 2 - decrease in oil glands
How can you make elderly patient more comfortable? 1 - Padded comfortable chairs; 2 - Shorter wait times; 3 - Have them move around if they do have to wait; 4 - Have rooms at comfortable temp
Created by: amandmc