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SA NodeSinoatrial Node Bodies natural pacemakerRegulates heart beat
Depolarization Contraction of cardiac cells
Repolarization Recovery of the heart
Polarization Heart relaxes briefly
P-Wave Atrial depolarizationRecorded as a + deflection
QRS-Wave Ventricular depolarization
T-Wave Ventricular repolarization Recorded as + deflection
Lead 1 Records electricle activity between RA + LA
Lead 2 Considered a rhythm strip records seperat and longer 6-12 inchesRecords electrical activity between RA + LL
Lead 3 Records electrical activity between LA + LL
aV Augmented Voltage
aVR Records electrical activity midpoint between LA added to LL directed to RA
aVL Records electrical activity midpoint between RA added to LL directed to LA
aVF Records electrical activity midpoint between RA added to LA directed to LL
V1 4th intercostal space R of sternum
V2 4th intercostal space L of sternum
V4 5th intercostal space middle at about the left nipple
V3 Midway between V2 and V4
V6 Horizontal to V4 left axillary line
V5 Horizontal to V4 left anterior axillary line Between V4 and V6
Measurement for ECG Millavolt1 mv = 10 mm high
Wandering Baseline Artifacts Stylus moves from center of the paperFrom not enough gel
Interupted Baseline Artifact Breaks between waves Wires may be detached or electrode falls off
Somatic Tremor Artifact Jaggard peaks Partient not being still
Ace Interferance Small regular peaks Lead wires could be crossed use 3 prong outlet for 3 prong plug
Normal Adult HR 60-100 bpm
Bradycardia Less than 60 bpm cardiac arrythmia
Tachycardia Greater than 100 bpm cardiac arrythmia
Atrial Fibrillation extreme repid 400-500 bpm P wave cant distiguish to record it
Ventricular Arrythmia Premature Ventricular contractions considered common disturbances
Ventricular Tachycardia V-Tach life threating can turn into fibrillation or cardiac standstill
PTCA Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Balloon like angioplasty catheter into femoral artery and threaded to heart
ICD Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Implanted into chest wall with wires leading to heart and will give a shock to get heart into normal rhythm
CAB Coronary Artey Bypass Part of vein reattached pass blockage to reestablish blood flow to heart
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