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Elliott AB Terms

a/an- without
ab- away form
-ac,ic pertaining to
acr/o- extremeties(arms and legs)
ad- to,toward
aden/o- gland
adren/o- adrenal gland
aer/o- air
-al pertaining to
alba/i- white
alges/i/ia- pain
-algia pain
ambi- both
an/o- anus
angi/o- vessel
ankyl- crooked,looped,immovable
ante/ro- before
anti- against
append/i/o appendix
arter/io artery
arthr/o- joint
-ase enzyme
-asis condition of
-asthenia weakness
ather/o- fatty,lipid
audi/o- sound,hearing
aur- ear
auto- self
bi- both
bio- life
-blast germ/embryonic cell
blephar/o- eyelid
brachi- arm
brachy- short
brady- slow
bronch/i/o- air tubes in lungs
bucc/a/o- cheek
Created by: wgelliott