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mot 135

a zygote is a fertilized egg with 46 chromosomes
the production of testosterone in males, will stop when a man reaches 'male menopause' false
the umbilical cord contains 3 vessels, 2 arteries and 1 vein, the arteries carry blood from the ___ to the ___ fetus to the placenta
the umbilical cord contains 3 vessels, 2 arteries and 1 vein, the vein carry blood from the ___ to the ___ placenta to the fetus
the final metabolic change a sperm undergoes in the fallopian tube is called capacitation
the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the zygote consist of 22 pairs of ____ and one pair calles autosome and
in the plancenta how are materials exchaged between mother and fetus diffusion and active transport
a single cell zygote divides into a two cell stage and continues until it reaches 16 cells and continues to form a solid sphere of cells called morula
sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are among the most common contagious disease in the us true
which structure of the developing zygote will become the chorion (an embronic membrane ) after implantation trophoblast
the period of fetal growth extends the ___ week to week ___ of gestation 9 to 40
one member of each pair of chromosomes has come from the father is called faternal
fluid that surrounds the embryo-fetus and serves as a cushion is amniotic fluid
the first hormone secreted by the placenta is the _____ and once it enters the maternal circulation and excreted in urine and is the basis of many pregnancy test hCG
the hereditary materials of cells is contanined inthe dna in the chromosome
two main functions of the placenta exchange materials, produce hormone to help maintain pregnancy
when meiosis takes place in the ovaries, the process is called oogenesis
when meiosis takes place int the testes the process is called spermatogenesis
the term parturition means the sequence of events that occur during birth false
after birth the infant begins to breath as the blood levels of ____ rise and stimulates the respiratory center of the brain in the mudella CO2
sex linked traits have this designation because the genes fr them are located only on the __ chromosome x
one member of each pair of chromosomes has come from the mother and is called maternal
sex chromosomes are xx in men and xy in women false
this is a cyclical process oogenesis
t/f spermatogenesis begins at puberty and ends at menopause false
t/f spermatogenesis is a continuous process true
t/f during spermatogenesis only one functional cell is produced FALSE
t/f during oogenesis four functional cells are produced false
where is testostertone produced within each testis
what portion of the sperm contains mitochondria that produces atp the middle piece
which part of the testis does the sperm complete maturation and the flagella becomes functional the epididymis
the vas deferens extends through an opening in the abdominal wall, what is this opening called inguinal canal
what part of the sperm contains the 23 chromosomes the head
semen consists of what sperm (solid), secretions (fluid)
the acrosome contains what enzymes that digest the membrane of the egg
when meiosis takes place in the ovaries we call this oogensis
cystocele downward displacement of urinary bladder into vagina
define hydatidiform mole developmental anomly of conception - grape like cluster of ??
what is leiomyomas fibroid
paget's disease is ________ and is characterized by mild crusting, scaling type of changes in the tissue of one nipple breast cancer
peau d' orange is a orange peel appearance of the skin when a pt is disgnosed with breast cancer
_____ that is pregnancy induced can be associated with the potetial life threatening disorder toxemia hypertentsion HBP
what is the blood test done for men to help detect disease of the prostate and is considered a marker in screening for prostate canser psa
name the term that represents 46 chromosomes diploid
what are sperm generating cells called spermatogonia
what is the embryonic membrane that is formed from the fetal portion of the placenta chorion
the period of embryonic growth ends at how many weeks 8
what hormone induces the production of milk prolactin
what kind of tissue surrounds the glandular tissue in the breast adipose
the uterine lining consists of how many layers two
the umbilicle cord consists of how many vessels three
name the vessels found in the umbilicle cord arteries and vein
a zygote is made up of how many chromosomes 23
how many pairs of sex chromosomes are found in a zygote 1
how many pairs of non-sex chromosomes are found in a zxygote 22
what are the non-sex chromosomes found in a zygote called autosomes
during _____ phase of the menstrual cycle follicle rupture luteal
when the follice ruptures during the menses it becomes what corpus luteum
where does fertilization occur fallopian tubes
name the layers of the uterine lining basilar and functional
the side of exchange is function of the placenta. what is exhcanged and where is it exchanges materials in the blood of the mother and fetus
parturition means what birth
what is the dequence of events leading up to delivery called labor
wht is the term for everything after birth post partum
within the cell the herecditary material is contained in the ____ and it is called ___? nucleus, dna
the ____ chromosomes comes from the father paternal
when doing a punnett square, how do you designate the sex chromosomes for a male xy
when doing a punnett square how do you designate the sex chromosomes for a female xx
sex linked traites are also called traits because the genes for them are located on ly on the ___ chromosomes x-linked and x
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