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M.E.D. Mid Term

Study notes for the mid term of Ministry Evangelism and DiscipleShip at CBS

What is evangelism? The communication of the Gospel, or the Good news about Jesus Christ, with the intent of inviting the listener to trust in Christ.
What is Sin? Anything contrary to the character or nature of God. Sin is either Rebelling against God or missing the mark.
What could you say to convince an unbeliever that they are sinners? If we both throw a rock at the North Pole we will both miss you might get closer than me but neither one of us is going to hit it. The Mark we miss when we sin is being Christ like and neither one of us hits that mark so we all sin. Then I would show th
Why can God not be merciful concerning Sin? His nature is to be Holy to Sin goes against being Holy. He is immutable unchangeable he cannot change his nature so Sin receive Wrath.
What is Biblical faith? Trusting in Christ for your Salvation
Why doesn’t just saying, “Have Faith” bring salvation to sinners? It confuses them, they need a clear Idea of what to have faith in.
Explain how Gen. 6:6, Romans 3:23, and 5:12 are connected? Because one Man sinned (Romans 5:12 this leads to All men sinning in Romans 3:23 which is why God is sorry he had made Man on earth in Gen. 6:6
Why is 1 John 1:9 important in your witness for Christ? If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
What is the significance of water baptism? It is an outward symbol of an inward change. Christ commanded it. The apostles practiced it. But is it not a part of Salvation.
What are the 3 doctrines associated with the convicting work of the Holy Spirit? Where are they found in the New Testament? John 16:7-11 Sin Righteousness Judgment
What are apologetics? The Rational Defense of Christianity, it is why we believe what we believe.
Bible: Reasonable and documented, Self authenticating, Full of filled prophecies.
God: He told us he exists. The evidence is so obvious just open your mind. Prove that he does not. He came in the form of a Human being.
Why is Jesus the only way to God? We did not invent the Claims of Jesus He said it. If there were other ways it would invalidate his claims and make his death on the cross pointless and unnecessary, No other leader is said to have died for the sins of the world.
Why is the resurrection of Christ vital to the Gospel? It confirms that Christ is who He said He was. He said He would come back in three days and He did it. It confirms that he had defeated death. It confirms that He is who He says He is… the Son of God.
What evidence can you give to an unbeliever that Jesus was raised from the dead? The Romans had no reason to move the body and if the Jews had it they would have used the dead body to refute Christ’s followers. Hundreds of people saw him over a 40 day period after He rose.
Why does God permit innocent people to suffer? There are no innocent people. Some suffering is the result of bad human choices. Much suffering is a result of man’s inhumanity to man.
What answer can you give an unbeliever who does not believe that the miracles of the Bible are true? The people that followed the man that did the miracles were willing to Die for their beliefs. His enemies would have been aware If someone were blind or not. Not once do the pharassies challenge what he did as fake. Even after his death no one claims H
Proclamation: Focuses on the presentation of the Gospel where large numbers of people are present and exposed to the Truth
Initiative: Believer initiates contact and start a conversation about the Gospel Utilize Boldness in presenting the Gospel
Incarnational: A process of building relationships with commonality, looks for opportunities to share the Gospel within the relationship.
Comprehensive: Seeks to include a variety of means for communicating the Gospel. The Gospel is an absolute, but the means for presenting the Gospel can Change.
What does a Jehovah’s Witness teach about Christ? He was a Man that lived a perfect life, he was not resurrected physically only spiritually.
Mormon: Joseph Smith received God’s word in the form of Golden tablets that The angel Morini directed him to. These were translated into the Book of Mormon. The Bible is only accurate if it agrees with the Book of Mormon. Christ is a created being. Adam did u
Muslim: received God’s word from the Angel Gabriel, follow strict practical doctrine of works.
Atheist: there is no God. No need for God Self sufficient
Nominalist: Goes to church for the wrong reasons, prefers Church over Christianity
Why is Col.4:5-6 important in evangelism? It outlines the type of behavior we should have while evangelizing, With wisdom, making the most of the opportunity, Speak with grace, Seasoned speech, knowing how to respond to each person.
Created by: Skylergrey



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