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Oriental Medicine OM

Oriental Medicine Theory MT107-1

What is a coherent and independent system of thought and practices. Oriental Medicine
Constitutes good appetite; good sleep; no fatigue; no pain; strong sex drive and emotion appropriate to the stimulus Traditional chinese medicine
jing, Qi, Shen The three treasures that are essential vital substances in regards to the totality of the persons energetics
The two fundamental aspects of the the Three treasures are? prenatal, postnatal
Is transalted as Essence (it is sourceof life) Jing
Stored in the Kidneys Jing
Translated as Energy Qi
Represents the vital force that activates and moves every function in the human body Chi
It supplies the meridians Ki
Translated as Spirit Shen
It is the vitality behind Jing and Qi Shen
Resides in the Heart Shen
It is our thought, personality, ability to think and discriminate, our psyche and ego Shen
Is seen in the eys Shen
Make-up the 5 substances Blood, body fluids, jing, Qi, Shen
Nourishes the body and transports Qi Blood
Referred to as both matter and energy, and is the motor force that aloows the body to regulate itself Qi
Is the Homeostasis for the body Chi
Flows along the 14 primary Meridians through the body Ki
Precieved funtionally by what it does Qi
Prenatal Qi Orignal Qi (Yuan Qi)
The nutrients that we absorb from food Grain Qi (Gu Qi)
Extracted by the lungs from the air we breathe Nautral Air Qi (Kong Qi)
Three forms that intermingle to produce Normal Qi Yuan Qi, Grain Qi, Kong Qi
Source of all movement in the body and accompanies all movement Chi
Is in constant motion and 4 primary directions: ascending -desending-entering-leaving Qi
Resists and combats pathogens Qi
Created by: Chris Flaig
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