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quiz words 7-8

pre and ending

zygomaticus muscles of the head and neck(side of face) elevates corners of mouth(smile sad face)
trapezuis muscles of the head and neck(posterior neck down back)elevates pectoral gridle
sternocleidomastoid muscles of the head and neck (passes across anterior sides of neck- deep to the playsma) flexion/rotation of head
temporlis muscles of the head and neck ( side of face temporal bone)elevates mandible
playsma muscles of the head and neck ( superficial overlabs the sternocleidomastoid entire neck)depresses mandible
epicranius muscles of the head and neck( above eyes on frontal bone)elevates the eyebrows
buccinater muscles of the head and neck ( between maxilla and mandible sid of face under zygomatius)compresses cheeks
masseter occupies the maxilla and the mandible on sid of face)elevates mandible
orbicularis oculi muscles of the head and neck( all around the eyes)( action not needed on test to close eyes)
orbicularis oris muscles of the head and neck circles around the mouth)closes lips ( kissing muscle)
latissimus dorsi muscles of the trunk ( posterior middle of the back partly covered by trapezuis)adduction of the humerus
deltoid muscles of the trunk (rounded cap of the shoulder) abduction of the humerus
rectus abdominis muscles of the trunk ( runs vertically down each side of anterior wall of stomach)tenses abdominal wall
transverus abdominis muscles of the trunk ( innermost of abdominal muscles beneath internal oblique)tenses abdonimal wall
internal oblique muslces of the trunk ( lies just beneath the external oblique)tenses abdominal wall
external oblique muscles of the trunk(most lateral and superficial of the abdominal muscles)tenses abdominal wall
serratus anterior muscles of the trunk( deep to the pectorlis muscle, on surface of upper 8 or 9 ribs on side of chest)scapula fixator (stabilize scapula)elevates pactoral gridle
pectoralis major muscles of the trunk (anterior upper chest muscle) flexs are medially
extensor digitorum muscles of the the upper extremities(posterior forarm extends to hand)extension of wrist and fingers
triceps brachii muscles of the upper extremities(back of upper arm)extension of arm at elbow
biceps brachii muscles of the upper extremities( anterior upper arm)flexion of the arm at elbow
bracnialis muscles of the upper extremities( lies deep to the biceps brachii on upper arm)flexion of the arm at elbow
biceps femoris muscles of the lower extremities(most lateral hamstring muscle posterior thigh)flexion of leg at knee
semimbranosus muscles of the lower extremities
Created by: heatheryohn
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