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A Fordney 10

condyle knuckle-like projection
fossa shallow cavity in bone
tubercle rounded process on the bone
trochanter large process on femur for attachment of muscles
foramen opening for blood vessels and nerves
fissure narrow deep slit-like opening
subluxation partial or incomplete dislocation
arthrodesis binding of a joint
podagra sharp pain of big toe associated with gouty arthritis
pyrexia fever
malleolus rounded process at the ankle joint
lamina part of the vertebral arch
olecranon elbow bone
pubic symphysis anterior part of the hip bone
osteoporosis decrease in bone density, thinning and weakening of bone
osteogenic sarcoma malignant tumor of bone
calcaneus heel bone
acetabulum socket for femur in hip
acromion projection of scapula
fibromyalgia pain of fibrous tissue and muscle
leiomyosarcoma tumor (malignant) of smooth muscle
muscular dystrophy poor development of muscle, degenerative muscle disease
polymyositis chronic inflammation of many muscles
fasciitis inflammation of fascia
False If a patient REFUSES TO DIVULGE any needed information on the patient registration form, the policy should be to bill the patient using the information that has been given.
False A collection rate of 80% to 85% should be a goal for the practice administrator in charge of collections in the physician's office.
False Under regulations, a list of the most common services the physician offers, including procedure code numbers with a description of each service and its price, MUST BE POSTED IN THE OFFICE WAITING ROOM.
False Standard policy should be to reduce fees of any patient who dies after receiving medical care.
False In trying to collect and UNPAID BALANCE, a telephone interview is preferred to a personal interview
False A PERSONAL CHECK is a guarantee of payment.
False If a patient writes "paid in full" on sa check against an account that will not be paid in full with the check, the acceptance of the check indicates an acceptance of the "paid in full" remark.
False Refunds may be made by check on accounts in which payment was made by credit card.
False The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that a patient has 60 days from the date a statement is mailed to complain about an error.
sciatica Pain radiating down the leg
Created by: leemiller