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Stack #36759

Mod E Unit 1 Words Thompson Institute hbg

-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
bacteri/o bacteria
bi/o life
cent hundred
chron/o time
-crit separate
-fuge separate
-gist specialist
hemat/o blood
-ia state of, condition
-ism state of, condition
-lysis breakdown
menisc/o crescent shaped
-us thing
techn/o skill
steril/i sterile
spec/i look at
ser/o serum
-scope visual exam
phleb/o vein
path/o disease
-otomy surgical incision
-ology study of
ocul/o eye
micro/o small
metabol/o change
bacteriology the study of bacteria
chronological to arrange by time or date
hematology the study of blood
metabolism processes involved in the body's use of nutrients
microbiology the study of small life
microscope instrument for visual of small things
pathologist physician who specializes in the study of disease
phlebotomist person who specializes in venipuncture
technologist person who is skilled
CDC Center for Disease Control
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
CMP Complete Metabolic Panel
BMP Basic Metabolic Panel
OBP Obstetrics Panel
LYTE Electrolytes Panel
SST Serum Separated Tube
PST Plasma Separated Tube
alkaline pH greater than 7.0
chemical pertaining to chemistry
concentrate fluid made stronger by evaporation
isolation putting something or someone by itself
pH acidity, hydrogen ion concentration
reagent a substance involved in a chemical reaction
STAT immediately
threshold point at which effect begins to be produced
Created by: shady123