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ch 5 vocab

osteopathy disease of the bone
marrow fatty blood forming tissue in the cavities of the long bones
osteoblast bone forming cell
osteoclast bone removing cell
osteoporosis condition in which the bones become more porous brittle fragil and more likely to fracture
trochanter one of two bony prominences near the head of the femur
osteomalacia softness of the bone
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone tissue
osteopenia decreased calcification of bone
rickets disease due to vitamin D deficiency
sarcoma a malignant tumor originating in connective tissue
hematoma blood mass
reduction restore a structure to its normal position
bursa closed sac containing synovial fluid
suture two bones are joined together by a fibrous band continuios with their periosteum as in the skull
synovial pertaining to synovial fluid and synovial membrane
abduction moving away
adduction moving towards
prone lying face down
supine lying face up
metacarpophalangeal joints between the metacarpal bones and phalanges
osteoarthritis chronic inflammatory disease
rheumatoid arthritis disease of connective tissue
fascia sheet of fibrous connective tissue
polymyalgia pain in several muscle groups with systmatic symptoms
duchenne muscular dystrophy weakness and wasting of pelvic shoulder and proximal limb muscles
fibromyalgia pain min the muscle fibers
sprain a tear in a ligament
strain a tear in a muscle or tendon
kyphosis humpbacked
lordosis bend backward
scoliosis crooked
vertebra one of the bones of the spinal column
acromion lateral end of the scapula
clavicle collar bone
subluxation an incomplete dislocation
acetabulum cup shaped cavity of the hip bone
femur the thigh bone
gluteus muscle in the buttocks
necrosis death
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