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Chapter 10 Musc

Musculoskeletal Med term

ankyl/o stiffness; bent, crooked
kyph/o humpback
lamin/o lamina
lord/o curve, swayback
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
scoli/o crooked, bent
brachi/p arm
calcane/o calcaneum (heel bone)
carp/o carpus (wrist bone)
caphal/o head
cost/o ribs
dactyl/o fingers; toes
ili/o ilium (lateral, flaring portion of hip bone)
ishi/o ischium (lower portion of hip bone)
lumb/o loins (lower back)
patell/o patella (knee cap)
pod/o foot
spodyl/o vertebrae
leiomy/o smooth muscle (viseral)
rhabd/o rod-shaped (straited)
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped (straited)muscle
chondr/o cartilage
fasci/o band, fascia (fibrous membrane supporting and sepperating muscles)
-asthenia weakness, debility
-clast to break
-physis growth
-porosis porous
syn- union, together, joined
Talipes equinovarus Club foot
Crepitaion dry grating sound of bones rubbing together – indicating a fracture
Claudcation lameless, limping
Subluxation partial of incomplete dislocation
Fibrosarcoma Develops is cartilage (pelvis)50 and 60 years old
Osteogenic sarcoma Develops in bone (knees, upper arms, upper legs) 20 – 25 years old
Ewing sarcoma Primitive nerve cells in bone marrow (shaft of long bones) Shaft of long bones10 – 20 years old
Myasthenia gravis (MG neuromuscular disorderFluctuating weakness of skeletal muscle groupsWomen > menSymptoms may be dysphagia, breathing difficultyControlled and medical management is treatmentEyes, face and sometimes limbs
Scoloisis lateral curvature – C shapeCongenital, chronic poor posture, difference
Kyphosis humpback
lordosis swayback
Osteoporosis Is common metabolic disorder in the elderlyWhen bone loss exceeds bone formationPostmenopausal women and menPeak bone density about 33 yr old
Exotosis bony growth arising from the surface of bone bunion
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