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comp skill vocab

computer skills vocabulary

mouse used to control the on-screen cursor/pointer when selecting items to pull down menus,moving data or drawing graphics in application software
operating system computer program responsible for housekeeping and establishing communications between disk storage device, computer and printer; tells computer how to manipulate information
copy & paste to mark text so that it will be left in its current position, while a copy is temporarily stored in the computer's memory, and then retrieved in another position
monitor displays graphics/text on a screen
favorites (bookmarks) allows the user to save a web address in their browser for viewing at a later time
search engine site that helps the user conduct a search for a specific topic
columns dialog box for creating either equal or unequal size column positions and numbers
resolution the density of dots/pixels on a page/monitor measured in dots per inch (dpi)
spell check computerized dictionary that checks proper spelling and prompts the operator if a misspelled word is located or if it is not found in the dictionary
wall paper background design to desktop; can be changed to various pictures,designs or colors
floppy disk drive device used to read from and write information to floppy diskettes
removable disk storage device that uses some type of disk/cartridge for storing/transporting large files such as documents containing graphics
speaker distributes sound from computer programs/files
tool bar a row,column or block of on-screen buttons/icons that activate certain functions when clicked on w/the mouse
inkjet printer forms characters and graphics by spraying ink on paper; supplies near laser quality resolution
digital camera used to record video/still images in a digial form rather than on a film negative
email electronic mail sent via the internet
memory portion of computer that stores information/software while the machine is on
recycle bin location where deleted files are stored until emptied
edit text to delete,insert or rearrange text
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