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Art Final Visual

Art Final Visual seeing

Censorship of Art was never an issue until the 20th Century False
A work of art can be judged from very different points of view True
In Western society, the acceptance of art by women and artists of color has been subject to racial and gender stereotyping. True
A naive artist is sometone who has never been trained in the techniques of art. True
The meaning found in art, including subject matter and the emotions, ideas and sympbos is called Content
The Palaces at Versailles symbolizes The power of absolute monarch
When someone pays and artist to creat a work of art it is called patronage
Ludwig Hohlwein's poster is an exaple of Propaganda
Ideals of beauty are culturally influenced
An artist who uses abstraction as an approach is extracting the essence of the real object
Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings are examples of Non objective paintings
The first purpose of the applied arts is serve some useful function
Wanting to stop art from being shown because of moral beliefs is called censorship
Three-dimensional artworks have height, width and depth
Idealization in art is a form of realism
In the formalist approach the chief emphasis to judging quality in art is on How the artist manipulates elements of design
Some artists cannot identify why they create art inner calling
______ is(are) usually necessary for someone to be able to create art from the ideas in his/her imagination training and practice
For Korean women, "wrapping and bundle" is an expression that means packing up and leaving the family
The _____ of a work of art changes depending on who is looking at the artwork. content
Colors that are described as warm have the optical effect of receding in space. False
The Futurists were most interested in capturing a single moemnt in time in a static image False
Overlapping is a way of suggesting three dimensional space True
The phrase point of view is used in art to indicate where the viewer is standing in relation to the figures in the artwork. True
Sculptures that project out from a two dimensional ground are called reliefs
Three dimensional art in the full round is designed to be seen from all sides
When two dimensional images are made to look three dimensional it is called an illusion
The shapes in Helen Frankenthaler's painting Mauve District are called hard edged because their boundaries are clearly distinquised
A shape placed on a two dimensional surface establishes a figure-ground relationship
A mark or area that is significantly longer than it is wide may be percieved as a line
When the figure and ground are about equal in area an artist can create a_______, in which either color can be interpreted as lying on top of the other figure ground reversal
Real world objects taken from trash heads and used in art are called found objects
In art the term "scale" refers to relative size
Linear perspective is a mathematical system used to show recession in space
Atmospheric perspective is a way to show deep space by making distant things hazy
In the term "scale" refers relative size
Linear perspective in a mathematical systems used to show recession in space
Atmosphereic perspective is a way to show deep space by making distance things hazy
When a visual effect is so realistic it fools our perception it is called trompe l'oeil
The surface quality of a work is called texture
Edward Steichen's photograph Rodin: The Thinker is a good example of the use of value and contrast
During the Renaissance, European painters developed the technique of chiaroscuro, which means light and shade
Rhythm in art can be compared with thythm in music True
The principle of reptition works because our brains prefer order to chaos True
All works of art have a focal point False
Variety is expressed through transitions which are defined as praid changes from one state to another False
The implied triangle is a common formula for unifying compositional lines because it is a a highly stable shape
The use of multiple similar torsos by Magdalena Abakanowicz in her piece Backs is an example of the organization principle of repetition
Repetition can be used in decorative works to create an all over pattern
A way of using the principle of variety so that two dissimilar things are compared is commonly called contrast
Visual tension is created in Tintoretto's Leda and the Swan through the use of contrasting and opposing forms
Rhythm in art is created by patterns that are set up through repetition and variety
Rhythm can be achieved by using shape or form, color, and line
The principle of design that is called balance deals with visual weight we assign to parts of awork
The chest from the Haida culture is an example of symmety because the left side and the right side are identical
In Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, Christ is the most important figure, and his place in the composition is as the focal point
______ refers to the principle called the "economy of means". paring away extraneous details
Balance is a principle of design based on the _______ visual weight one assigns to parts of a work
If an artist is drawing the human digure in proportion each body part should be in relative size to the others
The golden rectangle is a way of establishing the ideal proportion of space
The controversy surrounding Moshe Safdie's Vancouver LIbrary Square raised the point that the relationship of a work to its environment is very important
The work used to refer to the material with whch the artist works is medium
Of the tools for drawing that are classified as "dry" the most commonly used is graphite pencil
Monochromatic painting in China was based upon calligraphy
Leonardo da Vinci's "The Virgin and Child with Sain Anne and John the Baptist" is a full sized chalk drawing called cartoon
Conte crayon is versatile and can be used for softness or sharp lines
The word "pastel" is usually associated with _____ tones pale
In his drawing "Fish Skeletons" Hyman Bloom reverses the usual technique for pen and ink by using white ink on dark paper
Ink that is thinned with water or spirit and brushed on to suggest tones is called wash
Unlike the other dry media discussed in this chapter, silverpoint require that the paper be prepared with pigment or glue
In painting, the word for the surface on which the painting is created is support
In general, paint is made by suspending ________ in a liquid medium and adding a binder pigment
For his painting, "Portrait of a Young Man, " Bronzio prepared many drawings using indirect method
Vincent Van Gogh's painting the Starry Night shows his use of impasto, which gives the painting surface texture three dimensionally
The final layer of plaster, or ______ is applied over the underlying cartoon sections small enought to be painted damp intonaco
One of the main properties of tempera paint is it dires quickly to a matte finish
In early tempera paintings that used gold leaf, the gold was applied over a surface of red gilder's clay then burnished
Vermeer's painting GIrl with a Pearl Earring is a good example of oil
According to the curator at the Louvre, the Mona Lisa, an oil painting, has not been cleaned because people are so used to seeing it dirty, it would upset them to change it
Frank demonstrates how Chuck Close creates monumental photorealistic human heads with flawless gradation acrylic paint applied with an airbrush
Of painting media, the only one that does not dry quickly is oil
Paul Rand who designed the IBM logo, believed that corporate logos should consist of simple, universal and timeless shapes
The intent of advertising is to portray the client's product as compellingly as possible
According to Peter Good, graphic designers should be constantly open to new ways of seeing things
According to the designer Hermann Zapf, good types of designs involve symmetry and dynamic tension, balance, harmonious proportions
Graphic designers are people who design two dimensional images, convey information to the public, use words and imagry together
The typeface serif gives elegant, calligraphic flourishes, leads our eye through a word, was originally based on the Roman alphabet
Typesetting or the setting up of type for printing a page is now done by computerized processes
A good graphic designer will consider the taste and interests of public, elecit a certain feeling toward the public, lure the public into wanting to know more
In 1525, Albrecht Durer published an influential book about using geometry for designing letters
Peter Good feels that, unlike European, American culture is not generally receptive to ambiguity
Typefaces are often chosen according to the ________ messages they convey psychological
The two major ingredients of graphic design are letters and images
The art of designing letter forms is calledq typography
The camera can capture only as much as the human eye can perceive false
Digital imaging can build up lushly detailed works; simultaneously, it can delte details so that the focus falls up true
One problem with the daguerreotype is _____ the lenghty time needed for exposures
One of the very earliest popular uses of photography was for portraits whose aim was capturing a perfect likeness
The photographs of Ansel Adams have played a major role in land conservation efforts
The photographer best known for his experiments in placing still pictures into a sequence to analyze motion is Eadweard Muybridge
When a series of still images seem to merge and look like continous movement it is because persistence of vision
The Cabinent of Doctor Caligari is an example of the Expressionist
The computer-generated images used in realistic movies to show things like alien invasions, explosions, or tornadoes Expressionist
A big improvement in photography, based on Fox Talbot's work, was the development of a means of creating multiple copies of an image
Ordinary television signals are transmitted through the air
From the time of Renaissance, some artists used a camera obscura, which was dark room or box that used light to show images on a surface
The word photography is Greek for wirting with light
When a single scene in a film continues for several minutes with no break it is called an extended take
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