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Checked Vocab III

page 509, column I

city-state a sovereign state comprising of a city and its immediate hinterland
colonialism attempt by one country to establish settlements and its political, economic, and cultural principles in another territory
colony a territory that is legally tied to a sovereign nation rather than completely independent
compact state a state whose center is not of significant distance from any boundary line
concentration the spread of something over a given area
connections relationships among people and objects across the barrier of space
contagious diffusion the rapid, widespread diffusion of a feature or trend throughout a population
cosmogony a set of religious beliefs concerning the origin of the universe
council of government a cooperative agency consisting of representatives of local governments in a metropolitan area in the United States
counterurbanization net migration from urban to rural areas in MDCs
creole or creolized language a language that results from the mixing of a colonizer's language and the indigenous language of the people being dominated
crude birth rate (CBR) the total number of live births in a year for every 1,000 people alive in the society
crude death rate (CDR) the total number of deaths in a year for every 1,000 people alive in the society
cultural ecology geographic approach that emphasizes human-environment relationships
cultural landscape fashioning of a natural (physical) landscape by a cultural group
culture the body of customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits that together constitutes a group of people's distinct tradition
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