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orthro surgery

orthropedic surgery test review

the patella is an example of what type of bone sesamoid
what color marrow is found in small spaces of cancellous bone red marrow
definition of a tuberosity large round projection
all are types of joints except stradler
joints move in all ways except circumvection
require both internal manipulation of bone fragment and application of internal stablizing devices ORIF (open reduction internal fixation)
the metabolic phase of bone healing begins 4-6 weeks after injury
type of fracture caused by violent impact along the longitudinal axis of a bone impact fracture
what is used to identify damage to nerves EMG
position where a part of a limb is turned inward varus
a elevator is used to lift periosteum from the surface of bone
an arthroscope may have what degree of lens 30 to 70 degrees
when using a pneumatic tourniquet, the st should notify the surgeon every 30 minutes
all are true when using a fracture table except arms on affected side are tucked to side
all are true for fiberglass casts except it is the most popular because of its manipulability properties
all are used to trim & sculpture bone except caliper
total setting time for bone cement is 8 - 16 minutes
documentation of implant devices require all except room personnel
these are used to reconnect soft tissue to bone staples
excessive exposure to the vapors of bone cement can cause all except thirst
the ankle joint is distended with what fluid for an anklearthroscopy saline
ACL repair is performed using what size burr 4.5mm
most frequent torn meniscus in the knee medial menicus
1st instrument placed in the knee joint during an arthroscopy inflow cannula (d)
prep for a knee-arthroscopy includes the circumferentially prep from ankle to mid-thigh
pt is placed in what position for a shoulder arthroscopy modified fowlers
surgeon will instill how many mm of saline during a shoulder arthroscopy 60mm
pt w/a rotator cuff tear may not be able to what to the shoulder ab duction
when performing a rotator cuff repair, after the surgeon uses a burr to shave under the surface of acromion, next step is to shave the cup to remove any loose/frayed tissue
a bankart procedure is used to correct a recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder
in the putty-platt procedure, the joint capsule is anchored to glenoid rim
a bankart procedure uses what type of saw oscillating
a rotator cuff has all muscles except pectorilis minor
during a keller bunionectomy, how much is disected of the proximal phalanx 1/3
dupuytrens contracture affects who mostly older men
trigger finger is most common in infants/young children
when performing a metacarpophalangeal joint arthroplasty(MCP),what type of scissor is used tenotomy scissors
MCP is caused by longstanding rheumatiod arthritis
which toe can not get "hammertoe" the big toe
open rotator cuff repair order 1. pt is ppd
open rotator cuff repair order 2. 10-12mm incision is made/deltoid
open rotator cuff repair order 3. soft tissue is explored
open rotator cuff repair order 4.subacromioplasty is performed
open rotator cuff repair order 5. tear is identified
open rotator cuff repair order 6. tear is sutured
open rotator cuff repair order 7. closure per surgeons perference
open rotator cuff repair order 8. dressing is applied
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