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Rerum Novarum 1891 marks the beginning of a new path of social matter,1st social encyclical,examines conditions of salarized workers, gov't involvment -supported rights of labor to form unions, rejected communism, & unrestricted Capitalism & affirmed right 2 private
Quadragesimo anno 1931- workers and families provided for -rejects liberalism, discusses the ethical implications of the social and economic order -calls for reconstruction of the social order based on solidarity and subsidarity
Mater et Magistra 1961- church is always open, church as a nurturing Mother and informative teacher -focuses on need for community with a common good(during Cuban Missile Crisis)
Pacem in Terris 1963-importance of relationships among nations, communities, and individuals -Reinforces everyones basic human rights, mutual trust and respect
Gaudium et Spes 1965-themes of social life related to human being, new sense of service in the changing world
Dignitatis Humanae 1965-proclaims the right to religious freedom
Populorum Progressio 1967- develops the social and economic parts of the world to serve everyone
Octogesima Adveniens 1971- reflects on problems of post industrial society -Calls Christians to live up to the duty of participation in Social and political reform
Laborem Exercens 1981- work the fundamental good of a person, reinforcing ethic of work
Sollicitudo Rei Socialis 1987- a clarification was made that the Church’s social doctrine “belongs to the field, not of ideology, but of theology—particularly moral theology”
Centesimus Annus 1991- 100 year cap -democracy is good, speaks against unjust distribution of goods
Solidarity - a determination to commit oneself to the common good, recognize the ties and bonds among people, have awareness
Subsidiarity - all societies of a superior order must help to lower-order societies, without restricting them
Universal destination of goods - all created things to be shared fairly by all mankind under the guidance of justice tempered by charity, the earth is God’s gift to us
Common good - in order to attain its fullest meaning, stems from the dignity, unity, and equality of all people, social and community dimension of the moral good, good of all people and the whole person (State and gov’t is responsible)
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