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Bible Review

Moses: Birth through Mt. Sinai

Moses Mediator, God's messenger and the people's messenger
Aaron Moses's brother and helper
Mimriam Moses's sister
Pharoh: King of Egypt
Jethro Moses's father in-law or priest of Midiean
Zipporah Moses's wife
Shiphrah/Puah Israelite midwives
Goshen Part of Egypt where Istraelites lived
Midian Moses flees here after killing an Egyptian soldier
Horeb Mountain of God. Place of the burning bush
Sinai Where Moses got the 10 commandments
Marah camp of the Israelites, definition - bitter
Rephidim camp of the Israelites got water from a rock
Reason Pharaoh feared the Israelites their God is mighty and population was getting greater
Two ways Pharaoh tried to control the Israelite population killing baby boys and worked them hard, and made them slaves
people that God used to spare the life of Moses Moses family and step brother, mom hid him, sister watched him, Pharoh's daughter pulled him out of the water.
Exodus 3:11 M: Why Me G: I will be with you
Exodus 3:13 M: Who do I say sent me. G: I am who I am
Exodus 4:1 M: What if they don't believe me. G: He gave him 3 signs - staff to snake, hand become leporous, blood to water
Exodus 4:10 M: I'm not good at talking. G: Who gave man his tongue
Exodus 4:13 M: Please send someone else. G: Aaron is on his way.
Plagues Blood, Livestock, Locusts, Frogs, Boils, Darkness, Flies, Hail, First Born, Gnats
Passover Preparations One year old lamb, unleavend bread, coat tucked in belt, eat in a hurry and ready to go, and bitter herbs
How did God protect and provide for the Israelites after they left Egypts even though they complained pillar of fire, parted the red sea, manna and quail, water from rock, bitter water sweet
Moses: How did he serve as mediator between people and God. Explain using examples of situations where he was the mediator He talked to God, Pleaded with God
Tabernacle: know some of the items in the tabernacle, their significance and importance in Israels's worship. God's presence, 12 tribes, golden alter, bronze alter
Festivals: Know the importance of Day of Atonement and the Passover to remember how God protected them



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