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Medical Terminology Urinary Chapter

a- without, not
aden/o gland
-al pertaining to, relating to
-algia pain
an- without, not
carcin/o cancer
-cele hernia, swelling
cyst/o bladder
dia- through, across
-dynia pain
dys- bad; painful; difficult
-ectasis dilation, expansion
-ectomy excision, removal
-edema swelling
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood condition
erythr/o red
glomerul/o glomerulus
-gram record, writing
-graphy process of recording
hemat/o blood
hydr/o water
-ia condition
-iasis abnormal condition (produced by something specified)
-ic pertaining to, relating to
-in in, not
intra- in, within
-ist specialist
-itis inflammation
lith/o stone, calculus
-logist specialist in the study of
-logy study of
-lysis separation; destruction; loosening
meat/o opening, meatus
-megaly enlargement
nephr/o kidney
noct/o night
olig/o scanty
-oma tumor
-osis abnormal condition; increase (used primarily with blood cells)
-ous pertaining to, relating to
-pathy disease
-pexy fixation (of an organ)
-phobia fear
-plasty surgical repair
poly- many, much
-ptosis prolapse, downward displacement
py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o kidney
-rrhaphy suture
-rrhea discharge, flow
scler/o hardening; sclera (white of eye)
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy visual examination
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
supra- above; excessive; superior
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision
-tripsy crushing
ur- urine
ur/o urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
-uria urine
urin/o urine
us- condition; structure
vesic/o bladder
azoturia increase of nitrogenous substances, especially urea, in urine
diuresis increased formation and secretion of urine
end-stage renal disease(ESRD) chronic renal failure (CRF)
enuresis involuntary discharge of urine after the age at which bladder control should be established
nocturnal enuresis bedwetting
hypospadias abnormal opening of the male urethra on the under surface of the penis
uremia elevated levels of urea and other nitrogenous waste products in the blood, also called azotemia
Wilms tumor malignant neoplasm of the kidney that occurs in young children, usually before age 5
catheterization insertion of hollow flexible tube into a body cavity or organ to instill a substance or remove fluid. Most commonly through the urethra into the bladder to withdraw urine
dialysis mechanical filtering process used to cleanse blood of high concentrations of metobolic waste products, draw off excess fluids, and regulate body chemistry when kidneys fail to funcion properly.
hemodialysis dialysis by shunting(diverting)the patient's blood from the body into a dialysis machine for filtering.
peritoneal dialysis dialysis in which the patient's own pertioneum is used as the dialyzin membrane.
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