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N A Vitals Midterm

Nursing Arts Vitals Midterm

What are the names of the peripheral pulses? Temporal - Carotid - Brachial - Radial - Femoraal - Popliteal - Dorsalis Pedis
Where is the Temporal pulse located? At the temple on either side of the skull
Where is the Carotid pulse located? At the neck
Where is the brachial pulse located? At the elbow
Where is the radial pulse located? The thumb side of the wrist
Where is the femoral pulse located? In the groin area
Where is a popliteal pulse located? Behind the knee
Where is the dorsalis pedis pulse located? Top of the foot
Which pulse locations are used to check a persons cirulation? Temporal - Femoral - Popliteal - Dorsalis Pedis
Which pulse locations are used before CPR? Carotid
Which location is considered the standard location to check pulse? Radial
Which pulse location is used when tking BP? Brachial
Which pulse location is used to count a persons heart rate? Apical
Where is the apical pulse located? Under the left breast
What are the three characteristics of pulse? Rate - Volume - Rhythm
Define pulse rate - How many times per minute a heart beats
Define pulse rhythm - Is the pulse regular or not
Define pulse volume - Stength of heart beat
How is pulse volume recorded? 3+ means strong - 2+ means moderate - 1+ means weak or thready
What is the normal range for heart rate? 60 - 100
What factors influence a persons heart rate? Stress, exerise, gender, obesity & age
What is the difference between heart rate and pulse? Heart rate is the number of contractions or heart beats - Pulse is what you feel as a result of a heart beat
Define pulse deficit - Difference between heart rate and pulse
Describe the procedurew to take a persons pulse. Take for thirty seconds at thumb side of wrist and times result by two. If pulse is irregular take it for a full minute.
Define respirations - It is the exchange of oxygen & Carbon Dioxide. (1 inhalation & 1 exhalation equals 1 resiration.)
What factors influence raspiration? Stress, size age, exercise, gender, obesity
Describe respiratory physiology - The medulla is sensitive to gasaous levels, primarily carbon dioxide. A raise in CO2 causes the medulla to stimulate the phrenic nerve which stimulates the diaphragm.
Which muscles help the diaphragm? Intercostal
Name the control center of pulse & respiration - Melldula
Define pulse oximetry - Percent of oxygen saturation of arterial blood
What is the normal range of oximetry? 95% - 100%
Created by: spawmary