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Family Planning

Menopause/Family Planning

Hot Flash Treatment Transdermal estradiol. Premarin. Estrogen w progestin (EPT): use in women w intact uterus Progestin only. Androgens clonidine SSRI's: venlafaxine, fluoxetine and paroxetine. Phytoestrogens Black Cohosh
GU atrophy treatment Vaginally administered estrogen. Start low then increase. Apply intravaginally for 1-3 mkonths then intermittent for symptom relief.
Vasomotor symptoms Hot flashes, day and NOC sweats (increased w stress), insomnia (early awakening).
Menopause definition Cessation of menstrual flow x 12 consecutive months.
Progestin deficiency Spotting pill day 10-29. Delayed withdrawl Dysmenorrhea Heavy flow w clots
Progestin excess Cervicitis Decreased flow length Moniliasis (oral thrush)
Other Birth Control Methods Patch, 3 weeks on then off 1 week Ring, 3 weeks in 1 week out Cervical cap/diaphragm female/male condom spermacides, sponges, IUD and Depo Porvera
Triphasic Combination OCP's Velaveet (low), ortho novum 7/7/7 (mid) and orhto tricyclin
Combination Monophasic OCP's Junel 1/20 (low dose), 1.5/30 (mid) Ovcon 50 1/50 (high dose)
Combination Extended Cycle OCP's Jolessa, Seasonique, Lybrel (low dose 365 days/year.
When to start OCP's Same day start increases compliance and decreases chance of pregnancy. Or start 1st day of menses.
Progestin only OCP's Micronor Indications: greater than 35 years old and smoker, hx of breast Ca, migraines w vision changes, Hx of blood coagulapathies ***Must take at the same time every day***
Created by: Maryleegee