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Chapter 13-6th Grade

Harcourt Brace Social Studies: The World

What is the time that lasted from about 1400 to 1600? The Renaissance.
What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth.
What is a Patron? A supporter of the arts who paid artists to create paintings and sculptures. They also promised money to scholars if they would come and live in their city-state.
What is the technique that allows an artist to show a difference between things that are close and far away? Perspective.
What is movable type? Letters and numbers made from individual pieces of metal that can be positioned to form rows of words. Invented in Germany by Gutenberg. It was important because books could be printed in large numbers and ideas could be spread more quickly.
What instrument can make faraway objects look close? Telescope.
Newton wrote a book explaining that objects are held to the earth by a force called what? Gravity.
What do you call a system of observing and experimenting to determine whether an idea should be accepted as true? Scientific method.
What was Reconquista? A plan by the king and queen to make Spain all Catholic.
Church officers are also called what? Clergy
What are indulgences? The church would sell pardons for sins, including future sins.
What is heresy? Denying the beliefs of the Catholic Church.
What are Protestants? The churches that were formed as a result of protests against the Roman Catholic Church.
What was the name of the movement that gave rise to protestant churches? Reformation
What is a caravel? A ship that used square sails to swiftly travel long distances and withstand heavy seas.
What do you call the journey around the world? Circumnavigation.
What was the Armada? A fleet of 130 Spanish warships.
Who is Amerigo Vespucci? An Italian sailing for Portugal. He explored the coast of what is now Brazil. He realized that this was a new continent.
Who is Bartholomew Dias? Sailed around the southern tip of Africa and entered the Indian Ocean
Who was Martin Luther? A priest who disagreed with Pope Leo X. He nailed his theses to the door of a church in Germany.
Who was Pope Leo X? A member of the Medici family who became Pope. He spent church money on himself and to repay the money sold positions in the church and sold indulgences for the pardon of sins.
Who was Christopher Columbus? Sailed for Spanish king and queen (Ferdinand and Isabella). Landed on an island in the Caribbean, but didn't realize he'd found a new continent.
Who were the Ottoman Turks? Muslims who moved west and captured the city of Constantinople.
Who was Leonardo DaVinci? The greatest genius of the Renaissance. He was a painter, inventor, scientist, engineer, and philosopher.
Who was Prince Henry? He was from Portugal and he started a school for navigation. He made Portugal leader in exploration.
Who was Copernicus? He was a Polish astronomer who did calculations to prove that the Earth revolves around the sun.
Who were Ferdinand and Isabella? The king and queen who united Spain under one religion and one government. They were successful in getting rid of the Moors, who were Muslim.
Who was Henry VII/Tudor? He paid for John Cabot to search for a western route to Asia. Cabot also sailed along the northeast coast of North America and claimed the land for England.
Who was Magellan? Sailed for Spain. Started a journey across the Atlantic and into the Pacific Ocean. Asia but was killed in the Phillipines. His crew continued the trip and was the first trip around the world
Where is San Salvador and why is it important? This is where Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean Sea. It means Holy Savior.
Why was Spain important? It spent money to send explorers to find new lands and routes. It had an agreement with Portugal. They drew an imaginary line through the world as they knew it and they could explore all lands west of the line.
Why is England important? She made England a sea power. Her sailors were also pirates and stole from ships from Portugal and Spain.
Why was Venice important? Venice was a city in Italy that led trade with the East. It controlled the important trade city of Constantinople.
Why is Italy important? It was the center of the Renaissance.
Where is Constantinople and why is it important? It was a major trade city that was captured by the Muslim Ottomans.
Why is Portugal important? Because they were some of the first sea explorers.
Created by: Professor Ruby