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Chpt 7 Ethnicity

vocab for 2/12/10 test

Ethnicity is important because.. it is a bulwark for diversity in the face of the globalization of culture.
Elements of nationalism include all but.. political structure
The concept that nationalities have the right to govern themselves is known as a right of self-determination
Denmark is a good example of a nation-state because nearly all Danes speak Danish and live in Denmark
Whcih of the following is NOT a strong centripetal force in the US? the many ehtnic groups living in the US
Loyalty ad devotion to a state that represents a particular group's culture is.. nationalism
What was apartheid? the geographic seperation of races in SOuth Africa
South AFrica is the only state in southern Africa that first elected a Black as a president during the 1990s.
Balkanizaiton refers to .. the breakdown of a state due to conflicts among nationalities.
The breakup of Yugoslavia during the 1990s was caused by.. rivalries among nationalities.
The most important centripetal forec in Yugoslavia before its breakup was the unit of currency.
Most Africans shipped as slaves were sent to South America
As part of the triangular slave trade system, ships bound for Europe carried.. rum and molasses
After WW 2 ended, millions of people were forced to migrate because of changes in the boundaries of states.
ONe reason for forced migration in Ethiopia was the civil war with the Eriteans.
Large-scale migration occured in South Asia after 1947 primarily becuase of the seperation of religious groups
Which of the following is NOT an element of cultural diversity? race
The most numerous ethnicity in the US is Latinos/hispanics
which describes the distribution of ethnicities in the US all of the above
African Americans are clustered in what area of the US? southeast
ASian Americans in what area of US? WEst
Latinos/hispanics in what ares of US? west,southwest
los angeles has what kind of ethnic distribution? clustered
The largest hispanic/latino groups in the US are from all but which country? guatemala
The largest proportion of Asian Americans are fmor China
Native Americans and Alaska Natives make up for what percentage of total US population? 1
Ethinc identity for decendants of European immigrants is primarily preserved through religion and food
most dramatic change in the geographic distribution of African Americans in the US? relocation to northern states
form 1910 to 1950, population density of African Americans in ghettos increased
Race is self-identification with a group sharing a biological ancestor
Self-identification includes.. A,B,C
Racism is A,B,C
does the US Census Bureau not consider a race? latino/hispanics
"seperate but equal" doctrine was legally established by plessy v. fergusson
People who were restricted by covenants in deeds included all but Caucasians
White fight is.. emmigrations of whites from an area Blacks were anticipated to move to.
Neighborhood changes in ethnicityare best explained by the promoting of blockbusting
A nation of nationality is a group of people tied to a place through legal status and tradtition.
In the US, which is shared by all Americans? nationality
NAtion-states in Europe were formed by drawing boundaries
Conflict in Africa is widespread because of A and B
TRaditionally the most important unit of African society was the tribe
The former soviet union used which as the primary centripetal device? language
Which describes the nationality of the United Kingdom British
Ethnicities in the same country come into conflict when they have traditions of self-rate.
Sri Lanka has continuing ethnic conflict between SinHalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus
Conflict over territory in the Middle EAst is strongest for Palestine
Until it was forced to withdraw its troops in 2005, most of Lebanon was controlled by Syria
The LEbanese civil war resulted when the country broke down because of changes in the majority between religious groups
The process when a group forcibly removes another group is called ethnci cleansing
As Sudan's religon-based civil war was winding down, an ethnic was erupted in the region of Darfur
PEople were forced to migrate in SOuth Asia during the 1940's because of linguistic disputes False
NAtion states in Europe were formed by nationalities True
Israel is an ethnically homogenous country. False
Clustering of ethnicities is most pronounced at the neighborhood level in the US. True
Ethnic groups in the US are cooperative False.
Slavery has occured around the world though it has been abolished in the Us True
The US Civil war was fought to keep eight pro-slavery Southern Stats fmor seceding form the Union. False
African American northward migration followed the major US highways True
The term ghetto indentifies only the African American neighborhood in the US. True
DEtroit subsidized African American immigration frm the South which alleviated tensions and maintained the ethnic ix False
NAtionalism is an important example of a centrifugal force. False
Denmark is a completely homogenous nation-state. False
Ethnicities can be transformed into nationalities. True
Countries in the Middle East with long tradtitions of nationality include all but Israel
Israel captured four territories during the 1967 Six-Day war. The onl t one of these territories returned to the country from which it was captured is the Sinnai Peninsula
Asian Americans are ceoncentrated in what region of the USA? WEst
Within a country, clustering of ethnicities can occur at two scales. What are they? region and neighborhood
Which race can LAtinos select on the census form?` A,B,C
Whch of these concepts or ideas is a good example of centripetal force? A,B,C
Why is Slovenis is a good example of a nation state that was carved form the former Yugoslavia? Most of the residents of SLovenia are Slovenes
Which of these nations can be defined as a multinational state? United Kingdom
What concept united Eritrea's nine major ethnic groups after gaining independence form Ethiopia? national identitiy
What are six major ethnic groups of Somalia called? clans
Created by: rluciano1117
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