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Pharmacology Med.

Anticoagulants/Platelets Inhibitors/Thrombolytic & Diuretec Drugs-kidney functio

Brand Name Coumadin Generic Name warfarin sodium
Coumadin/Warfarin Oral anticoagulation therapy. Blocks intrinsic pathway. Inhibity syntesis of Vit K. Prevents growth of formed clots.
Brand Name Heparin Generic Name heparin
Heparin Injectable anticoagulation therapy. Works immediately. Inhibits clots by blocking fiber production.
Brand Name Reopro Generic Name abciximab
Reopre/abciximab Biologic - few side effects. adjucnt to heparin.
-ab Monoclonal antibody fragment works on platelets only
Brand Name Activase I.V. Generic Name alteplase
Activase I.V/alteplase Biologic. Single dose clot buster
-ase enzyme
Brand Name Procrit Generic Name epoetin alpha
Procrit means Promote red blood cell production
Procrit/epoetin alpha Hormone and also a biologic. Stimulates red blood cell production for anemia, cancer, chronic renal failure
Blood Clots Thrombus
thrombus stationary clot
embolus circulating clot
thromboembolization movement of clot
statis stops blood and it pools in atrium.
atrial fibulation quivering of atrial valve. irregular rhythm.
Intrinsic pathway blood coming in contact with foreign object. cut on glass etc.
Extrinsic pathway internal issue.
How clots form RBC's get trapped in fiber structure and starts forming clots. Platelets which are smaller than RBC's stablalize the clots.
-mab monoclonal antibody
-ase enzyme
-lysis break apart
fibrinolysis breaks apart fiber
small molecule drugs older, cheaper priced. synthasized by chemical reactions
large molecule drugs Biologics - ex. vaccine. Proteins - synthasized by biological systems ex. cells. More expensive priced. Hard to reproduce generic. Much more complex.
Diuretics increase urine production. Increase water loss. Used for edema and conjestive heart failure.
Furosemide Loop diurectics. used in Loop of Henle. High capacity.
Thiazides used in distal convoluted tubule
Spironolacton potassium sparing diuretic used in collecting tubule
Nephron structual unit of kidney. complex filter.
glomerulus leaks out liquids (salts etc.)
Kidney does what? recycles
How many different tubules in kidney? Name? 5. Proximal convoluted tubule, Proximal straight tubule, Loop of Henle, Distal convoluted tubule, Collecting tubule.
Diuretic drug brand name Diaqua Generic name hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ
-iazide suffix for generic thiazide diuretics. they act on distal convoluted tubule.
Diuretic drugs treat what? edema and hypertension
Diuretic drug brand name Lasix generic name furosemide. Works in Loop of Henle.
Diuretic drug brand name Aldactone generic name spironolactone. Works in collecting tubule. Potassium sparing diuretic.
Diuretic drug brand name Dyazide generic name HCTZ/triamterene
Dyazide - HCTZ/triamterene combination diuretic drug of Diaqua and Aldactone
Created by: kjlange