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med termiology terms

Chapter 6 & 7 muscular and skeletal terms

Ethmoid Bone Behind nasal bone, in front of sphenoid. Forms from of the base of the skull. Part of eye orbits & nasal cavities.
Sphenoid Bone "Bat Shaped" Base of skull in front of temporal bones. Base for eye orbits. Joins all other bone structures.
Temporal Bones Bones behind outer ear. Contains middle and inner ear and mastoid sinuses.
Occipital Bone Back of the head, base of the skull. Contains opening for spinal cord.
Parietal Bone Forms top and upper sides of cranium.
Frontal Bone Front of skull. Makes up forehead. Contains eyeballs and sinuses.
Bunion Abnormal enlargement of joint at base of the big toe. "Hallux Valgus"
Diaphysis Main shaft like portion of a long bone. Hollow, cylindrical, thick, compact bone.
Radius Lateral, outside lower arm bone. Bigger bone on the thumb side.
Ulna medial, inner side lower arm bone. Small bone on pinkie side.
Origin Point of muscle attachment that is less movable.
Insertion Point of muscle attachment that moves.
Foramen Hole in the bone that allows blood vessels & nerves to pass through.
Humerus Upper arm bone.
Carpals Wrist bones.
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a joint.
Arthrocentesis Surgical puncture of a joint to withdraw fluid.
Gout Acute arthritis (inflammation) of the big toe joint.
Arthralgia Joint Pain.
Arthro Joint.
Synovial Joint Joint that allows free movement. ie - elbow, knee, shoulder etc.
Open Reduction Surgical realignment of a broken bone. May need hardware to repair.
Closed Reduction Non-surgical realignment of broken bone without breaking skin.
Complete Fracture Bone broken all the way through.
Greenstick Fracture AKA - Incomplete fracture. Bone broken on one side and bent on the other. Does not go all the way through.
Open Fracture AKA - Compound fracture. Broken bone and skin.
Closed Fracture AKA - Simple fracture. Broken bone. No break in the skin.
Fracture Broken bone.
Scoliosis Abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.
Fibula Smaller bone in the lower leg. On outside ankle side. Non weight bearing.
Tibia Shin bone. Larger weight bearing bone in the lower leg.
Femur Thigh bone. Longest, strongest, heaviest bone in the body.
Scapula Shoulder blade. Triangle shape.
# pairs of ribs? 12
5 functions of the skeleton 1. gives shape & support 2. allows movement 3. protects vital organs 4. stores minerals 5. produces blood cells
Cranio Skull
Craniotomy Incision into the skull
Osteo Anything to do with bones.
Cost/o Ribs
Chondro Cartilage
Osteochondritis Inflammation of bone cartilage.
Ossification conversion of fibrous connective tissue and cartilage into bone or bony substance.
Ganglion Cystic tumor on a tendon. Mainly on wrist or back of hand.
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