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fats and oils

Fats: A Concentrated Energy Source

Breaking down unsaturated fatty acids and adding hydrogen to make an oil solid at room temperature hydrogenation
A white, waxy lipid made by the body that is part of every cell cholesterol
A fatty acid needed by the body for normal growth and development that cannot be made by the body essential
Tissue in which the body stores lipids and proteins formed to carry absorbed dietary fat to body cells adipose tissue
A ball of triglycerides thinly coated with cholesterol, phospholipids, and proteins formed to carry absorbed dietary fat to body cells chylomicron
A group of compounds that includes triglycerides, phospholopids, and sterols lipid
A fatty acid that is formed when oils are hydrogenated trans-fatty
A phospholiped made by the liver and found in many foods lecithin
A phospholiped, that can mix with water and fat emulsifier
The major type of fat found in foods and in the body triglycerides
This helps control cholesterol, helps people manage weight, and helps people reduce stress exercise
Hydrogenating unsaturated fats are often done to _________ the cooking temperature/smoke point increase
Hardening and narrowing of the arteries caused by plaque deposits atherosclerosis
A buildup of ________ in arteries leading to the brain may result in a stroke plaque
Hydrogenating __________ fats are often done to improve the shelf life or keeping quality unsaturated
When a fat breaks down and gets an unpleasant odor rancid
Age, race, gender, and family history are examples of ___________ heart-health risk factors uncontrollable
Atherosclerosis and ______________ are the two most common forms of CHD hypertension
Disease of the heart and blood vessels Coronary heart disease
A digestive juice produced by the liver to aid fat digestion bile
A fatty acid needed by the body that cannot be made by the body and must be supplied by the diet essential fatty acid
A vitamin that dissolves in fats, such as A, D, E, and K fat-soluble vitamin
________ fat should be limited to 10% of the diet. Saturated
A _______________lipid at room temperature is a saturated fat solid
A _______________lipid at room temperature is an unsaturated fat liquid
Body _________ break down fatty acids for energy or rebuild them into triglycerides for storage cells
All types of fats or oils provide _______ calories per gram. nine
About half of adipose tissue is just under your skin, and serves as an internal __________ that holds in body heat. blanket
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