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Test lymphatic

Test for Friday on lymphatic system

Three Types of Tonsils? Pharyngeal, Palatine, Lingual
Nonspecific Resistance to Disease - Mechanical Factors Intact skin, Mucous membrance, saliva, cilia, hairs, flow of urnine, epiglottis
Nonspecific Resistance to Disease - Chemical Factors Sebrum, perspiration, gastric juice
What is phagocytosis? The process by which a cell engulfs and ingest microorganisms, other cells or foreign particles
What are the two Antimicrobial Substances? Interferon, Interleukin
What is interleukin? A group of cytokines produced mainly by macrophages and lymphocytes that in turn stimulate T cells, plasma cells, killer t cells to proliferate
What is interferon? Cytokines secreated by certain cells when invaded by viruses and certain intracelluar pathogens, stimulate other cells to produce antiviral protiens
what are the 4 T-Cells cytotoxic (killer), helper, suppressor, memory
What is a Antigen? A molecule that can be specifically recognized as a foreign by cells of the immune system
What is a Antibodie? A specific protien produced by plasma cells (B cells) in response to a specific antigen. Recognizes and binds to specific antigen also called immunoglobin
What are the three stages of Edema? Still soft, Fibrotic, Pitting edema
what is pitting edema? Occuirs when the fluid balance in the body is restricted due to Kidney(renal)Failure and related to cardiac dysfunction
When Macropahges mute into large, malignant cells called Reed-Sternberg cells Hodgkin's Disease
what is the primary target of HIV? Helper T cells
three basic componnets of inflamation? Chemical, vascular, celluar
An autoimmune disease in which antibodies attack various types of connective tissue throughtout the body? Lupus
Anatomy of the Lymphatic System? Vein, Venule, Artery, Arteriole, Capillaries, Interstitial fluid
Serve the function of removing waste and extra materials Lymphatic Vessels (Nodes)
Skeletal muscles contractions, breathing, pulsing of arteries, independent lymph angion contration Actions that increase lymph flow
Intial Lymphatic Starting point for the lymphatic system
A vessel that transports lymph between two valves Lymph Angion
Filters and purifies lymph fluid? Lymph Nodes
Afferent lymph vessels bring lymph fluid into the lymph node
Efferent lymph vessels bring lymph fluid out of the lymph node
70% of all lymph vessels are located in the? epidermal-dermal junction
3 major body Divisions Superficial body, deep adomen, Head and neck
from the inguinal nodes the lymph vessels dive deep in order into? lliac nodes, lumbar nodes
A small holding sac at the level of xiphoid process on the front of the body?L2 on the back Cisterna Chyli
Created by: Chris Flaig
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