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Chp 10-Nervous Sys 8

Abbreviations: Davi-Ellen Chabner, The Language of Medicine, 8th Edition

AD Alzheimer disease.
AFP Alphafetoprotein
ALS Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
AVM Arteriorvenous malformation: Congenital tangle of arteries & veins (in the cerebrum).
CNS Central nervous system.
CSF Cerebrospinal fluid.
CT Computed tomography.
CVA Cerebrovascular accident
EEG Electroencephalography
GABA Gamma-aminobutyric acid(neurotransmitter)
ICP Intracranial pressure (normal is 5 to 15 mm/Hg.
LP Lumbar puncture.
MAC Monitored anesthesic care.
MG Myasthenia gravis.
MRA Magnetic resonance angiography.
MRI Magnetic resonance image.
MS Multiple sclerosis.
1/2P Hemiparesis.
PET Positron emission tomography.
PSRS Proton stereotactic radiosurgery.
Sz Seizure.
TBI Traumatic brain injury.
TENS Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation: technique using a battery-powered device to relieve acute and chronic pain.
TIA Transient ischemic attack; temporary interference with the blood supply to the brain.
tPA Tissue plasminogen activator; a clot-dissolving drug used as therapy for strokes.
Created by: bethybb