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skeletal test review

muscular/skeletal test review

spongy porous bone tissue cancellous bone
outward extension of the shoulder blade acromion
an opening/passage in bone where blood vessels/nerves leave foramen
projection of temporal bone mastoid process
knuckle-like process of a bone condyle
nasal,lacrimal,maxillary,mandibular,zygomatic & vomer facial bones
frontal,parietal,temporal,occipital,sphenoid & ethmoid cranial bones
shaft of a long bone diaphysis
poor formation of bone osteodystrophy
slipping of a vertebra spondylolisthesis
shoulder bone scapula
pertaining to the upper arm bone humerus
vitamin D deficiency leads to softening of the bone ostomalacia
lateral curvature of the spine scoliosis
operation performed to relieve a slipped disc laminectomy
surgical repair of a joint arthroplasty
splintered/crushed bone common muted fracture
medical term for club-foot talipes
inflammation of bone/bone marrow osteomyelitis
smaller of the 2 lower leg bones fibula
condition of stiffening/immobility of a joint ankylosis
chronic inflammation of bone/joint due to degenerative loss of articular cartilage osteoarthritis
inflammation of joints caused by uricacid accumulation gouty arthritis
move away from midline AB duction
palm forward & upward supination
upper arm bone humerus
thigh bone femur
end of long bone epiphysis
hump back is called kyphosis
heel bone calcaneus
finger/toe bones phalanges
collar bone calvicle
knee cap patella
mineral substance in bone phosphorus
larger lower leg bone tibia
this starts fill in blank
smooth cartilage surrounding surface of bone at joint articular cartilage
a sac of fluid near a joint bursa
fluid found w/in a joint synovial fluid
connective tissue that connects muscle to bone tendon
connective tissue that connects bone to bone ligament
series of bone canals containing blood vessels haversian canals
physician who treats bone/joint diseases orthopedists
hard dense bone tissue lying under the periosteum compact bone
strong membrand surrounding the surface of bone periosteum
red bone marrowis found in spongy and cancellous bone
during bone development, immature bone cells that produce bony tissue osteoblasts
bones of a fetus are mainly composed of cartilage tissue
ends of large bones are epiphysis
shaft of long bone is diaphysis
2 minerals needed for development of bone calicum & phosphorus
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