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Lesson 3 Med Terms

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Terms

angio vessel ***vessel, ark, archangel,angel,angio*** angiogram-vessel study
aortal aorta,main artery ***main artery, portal, aortal*** aortalgia-aorta pain
arterio artery ***artery, atery+o, arterio*** arteriosclerosis-condition of hard arteries
cardio heart *** heart,suit,card,cardio*** cardiology-heart,study of
emboli vessel obstruction ***vessel obstruction, obstruction, bend, elbow, emboli*** embolectomy-embolus, removal of
emia blood ***blood, bleed, shot, aim, emia*** anemia-without blood
hema, hemo blood ***blood strength, he-man, hema*** hematoma-blood tumor
phleb vein ***vein, blood, bloodsucker, flea, phleb*** pblebotomy-vein incision
thrombo blood clot ***blood clot, pain, throb, thombo*** thrombophlebitis- clotted vein
varico varicose veins ***varicose, veins, varicose-S= varico*** varicocele-twisted veins, tumor
vaso blood vessel ***blood vessel, vessel-L=vaso*** vasoconstriction- tightened vessel
vena vein ***vein, vein+a=vena*** vena cava-large vein
ventricu heart cavity *** heart cavity, cavity, space, vent, ventricu*** ventriculitis-ventricle inflammation
broncho bronchi, airway ***windpipe,ventilation, up and down, bronco, broncho*** bronchitis-bronchial inflammation
cili hairlike processes ***hairlike,wig,silly,cili*** ciliogensis-cili forming
ectasis expansion ***expansion, bigger and better, feeling better, ecstasy, ectasis*** atelectasis-abnormal expansion
laryngo larynx, voice box ***voice box, talk, lingo, laryngo*** laryngitis-larynx inflammation
naso nose ***nose,nasel,naso*** nasology-nose, study of
oro mouth ***mouth, oral, oro*** orofacial-mouth and face
oxy oxygen, keen ***keen,strong,moxie,oxy*** oxyosmia-keen sense of smell
pector breast,chest ***chest,frame,picture,pector*** pectoralgia-chest nerve pain
pleura rib side ***rib side, ribs, plural, pleura*** pleurisy-inflammation of exterior lung lining
pneumo lung ***lung, fresh air, cut grass smell, new mow, pneumo** pneumonectomy-lung incision
ptysis to spit ***spit, mad, mad at your sister, tie a sis, ptysis*** hemoptysis-bloody sputum
pulmo lungs ***lungs,breathe deep, pull more, pulmo*** pulmonology-lungs, study of
rhin nose ***nose, rhinoceros, rhino, rhin*** rhinitis-nose inflammation
tracheo trachea,windpipe ***windpipe, air travel, travel, trek, tracheo*** tracheostomy-trachea opening
Created by: selonimes