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ch.16 med term (cont

cont. ch.16

intravenous pyelogram(IVP) (excretory urogram)this radiographic procedure provides visualization of the entire urinary tract.a contrast dye is injected intravensouly & multipe x-ray films are taken as the medium is cleared from the blood by the glomerular filtration of the kidney
FTA-ABS test a serological test for syphilis(performed on blood serum). the acronym stands for fluroscent treponemal antibody-absorption test
castration the surgical removal of the testicles in the male also known as an orchidectomy or orchiectomy in the male and as a oophorectomy in the female
cystoscopy is the process of viewing the interior of the bladder using a cystoscope
circumcision a surgical procedure in which the foreskin of the penis is removed
trichomoniasis a sexually transmitted protozoal infection of the vagina,urethra,or prostate. it is usually spread by sexual intercourse and affects approximately 15% of all sexually active people.organism Trichomonas vaginalis
syphilis a sexually transmitted disease characterized by lesions that may involve any organ or tissue.it is spread by sexual intercourse with an infected partner and can also be passed through the placenta from an infected mother to her unborn infant.
gonorrhea a sexually transmitted bacterial infection of the mucous membrane of the genital tract in men & women.it is spread by sexual intercourse with an infected partner, & can also be passed on from a infected mother to her infant during birth process
genital herpes transmitted by direct contact with infected body secretions-sex. Differs from other sexually transmitted disease in that it can recur spontaneously once the virus has been acquired
genital warts small,cauliflower-like,fleshly growths usually seen along the penis in the male & in or near the vagina in women.Transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse-caused by HPV-time span 1 to 6 months
genital herpes a highly contagious viral infection of the male & female genitals;also known as venereal herpes
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) deadly virus that destroys the body's immune system by invading the helper T lymphocytes,which play an important part in the body's immune response
chlamydia a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that causes inflammation of the cervix in women and inflammation of the urethra & the epididymis in men
orchidectomy the surgical removal of a testicle
transurethral resection of the prostate (TUR or TRUP) the surgical removal of a portion of the prostate gland by inserting a resectoscope(an instrument used to remove tissue from the body) through the urethra and into the bladder
suprapubic prostatectomy the surgical removal of the prostate gland by making an incision into the abdominal wall, just above the pubic bone
semen analysis an assessment of a sample of semen for volume, viscorsity, sperm count, sperm mostility and percentage of any abnormal sperm
radical prostatectomy is the surgical removal of the entire prostate gland as a treatment for cancer
orchidopexy a surgical fixation of a testicle
wet mount; wet prep the microscopic examination of fresh vaginal or male urethral secretions to test for the presence of living organisms
VRDL test a serological test for syphilis (test performed on blood serum); widely used for primarily and secondary syphilis. the acronym stands for Vaneral Disease Research Laboratory test
vasectomy a surgical cutting and tying of the vas deferens to prevent the passage of sperm, consequently preventing pregnancy; male sterilization
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