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Religion 300 Winthrop University

Torah the first five books of the Tanakh, also means law and order
Tanakh Synonym for the Hebrew Bible it is Christianity's Old Testament.
Talmud Oral tradition that would be transmitted into text so that Jews all over could stay connected during diaspora
Apocrypha Material texts that did not make it into the Canon. (scriptures, texts, etc.)
Convenant Promise made between God and people. Abraham's Covenant was promised the land of Cannon and he would have offspring, favor, and blessing.
Circumcision Promise made of the flesh between an individual and God. It was to represent the covenant, just as Abraham had done the same.
Diaspora dispersion/scattering
Dead Sea Scrolls Copies of Jewish texts found in a cave near the Dead Sea in 1949 that date back 1000 years earlier then any other text before its discovery.
Apocalyptic Ideas about the end of the world
Holocaust Mass killing of Jews under Hitler, 1/3 of Jewish population in the world was killed.
Zionism The desire for the creation of an independent politically recognized state.
Kosher Meat that has been cleaned by rules under Jewish law, proper food of Jewish Orthodoxy, meat and dairy are not to be mixed
Bar Mitzvah The coming of age ritual/ puberty
Rosh Hashannah Jewsih New Year, based around the lunar calender not the solar
Yom Kippur Day of atonement, fast for whole day looking for the forgiveness of sins. Pray for reconciliation between you and humans and God
Hanukkah Celebration for the re dedication of the temple . Where the oil lasted 8 days
Passover Celebration of the Jewish escape from Egypt, most commonly practiced
Orthodox Judaism The most conservative and traditional way of Judaism
Reform Judaism less traditional and liberal, practice in synagogues not only done in Hebrew. There is no segregation between man and woman
Conservative Judaism Traditional and reformed, but more towards traditional. Make up 2nd largest group.
Western Wall The last remaining structure from the original temple
yarmulke or kippah part of clothing practices for Jews
Midrash Tackling the text and studying its meanings
Checkpoints Check Palestinian credentials when they try and enter Israel, must have special papers to be able to get into Israel.
Camps Area where Palestinians had been moved to, who once lived in Israel
Settlements Israeli villages within the occupied territories, there so Israel may gain more influence in the area.
Occupied Territories West Bank and Gaza Strip
hermeneutics field of theological study that is to interpret scripture
Synoptic Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke it refers to the fact that they can be seen together as presenting rather similar views of Jesus' life
Gentiles Any person who is not of Jewish faith but worshiped old gods whose religion was in decline. Supporter of emperor as a deity.
Pentecost When the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven and presented herself to Jesus' disciples
Easter Commemoration of the death of Jesus and his rise
Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus on earth
Pope Bishop of Rome and leader of the Catholic Church
Excommunication expulsion from participating in the sacraments, cutting a person off from redemption of the church.
Crusades Military expedition undertaken by Christians of Europe 11th-13th century, to recover land taken by the muslims
Indulgences remission of punishment for sin by the clergy through either services or payment
Sacraments the sacred rites, outward and visible signs of spiritual grace
Eucharist Christian sacrament by which believers are renewed in mythical body of Christ by partaking in consumption of the bread and wine
Fundamentalism Movement to go back to the fundamentals of Christian faith
Evangelicalism Preach Christian gospel and convert people to Christianity
Pentecostalist-charismatic Movement It is the spirit of the Holy Spirit, they speak in tongues, it is ritualistic to feel the spirit
liberation theology a faith that stresses the need for concrete political action to help the poor.
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