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s.s. chap 6 Hebrews

Social Studies Chapter 6

________________ was the Hebrew King famous for writing sacred songs. David
_______________ was the pharaoh who tried to prevent the Hebrews from leaving Egypt. Rameses II
_______________ was a scribe, who supervised the writing of the Hebrew Torah including the five books of law. Ezra
_______________ led the Hebrews on their journey from Ur to Canaan. Abraham
After ______________ died, the twelve Hebrew tribes split apart. Joshua
_______________ led the Hebrews out of Egypt and slavery during the Exodus. Moses
________________ was the wise leader of the Hebrews who had a huge temple constructed in Jerusalem. Solomon
What was the name of the northern kingdom of the Hebrews? Israel
What was the name of the sounthern kingdom of Hebrews? Judah
_____________________ was the holy city constructed on the site of a Canaanite fortress captured by David and the Hebrews. Jerusalem
What land was promised to Abraham by Yahweh? Canaan
What desert did the Hebrews travel through after escaping from Egypt? Sinai
What was the most important laws that Moses received from God? 10 Commandments
One's children, grandchildren, etc. are known as_________________. descendants
The _________________ is the Hebrew day of rest. Sabbath
The title given to a temporary Hebrew leaders who led the twelve tribes in times of crisis was called a ________________. judge
________________ was five books that contained the laws of Moses. The Torah
______________ is a word that is used to describe the Hebrews' escape from Egypt. Exodus
______________ is a general term used to describe people who claimed to have messages from God. Prophet
The piece of land between Egypt and Mesopotamia was known as _____________. Canaan
The Hebrews believed that there was only one ________. God
The Hebrew kingdom split into the kingdoms of Judah and Israel soon after the death of __________ __________________. King Solomon
The Jews began the custom of meeting in groups on the sabbath to study religion with a rabbi in __________________. Babylonia
The two major contributions to civilization of the Hebrews was their belief in _____________ God and social justice. one
What was the name the ancient Hebrews gave to their God? Yahweh
Abraham made a _____________ with God. covenant
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