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Protestant Reform.

Reformation The action or process of reforming an institution or a practice.
Martin Luther Monk who challenged the Catholic Church's practice of "buying your way into heaven" with indulgences.
Pope Pius X Was a pope during the height of corruption, and tried to silence Martin Luther when he published his 95 complaints.
Emperor Charles V Emperor Charles V stepped in for the Pope and took Martin Luther to court. He declared him a heretic and an outlaw before sentencing him to death.
Indulgences Payment to the Church as a way to gain entrance to heaven. This was the spark that caused Luther to challenge the Church with his 95 Theses
Papal Bull An edict issued by the Pope declaring a person cease and desist his actions
Edict of Worms The Edict of Worms was an decree issued by Pope Charles V, declaring that no one should dare defend the actions or deeds of Martin Luther
Excommunication The action of officially excluding someone from participation in the sacraments and services of the Christian Church.
St. Peter's Basilica The largest Church in the world. Built with money obtained from indulgences.
95 Theses Martin Luther’s 95 complaints to and about the church.
Johannes Guttenberg A German inventor, printer, publisher, and goldsmith who introduced printing to Europe with his mechanical-moving printing press.
Protestant A member or follower of the Christian Church that are separated from those who are Roman Catholic by believing that it takes faith alone to get into heaven.
By Faith Alone The idea that all it takes is a strong faith in Jesus Christ to get into heaven.
Wittenberg A city in Germany, the Church wheret Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses
1524 Peasants Revolt A revolt started by peasants to fight against the tyrannical rule run by those above them.
Lutheranism The three main ideas: Faith in Jesus not good deeds, the bible is the final source of truth about God in heaven, the Church is made up of all believers.
John Calvin John Calvin was anti-catholic and was influenced by Martin Luther. He disagreed with Luther's “Salvation through faith alone” idea and created his own protestant religion in Switzerland.
King Henry VIII He was the monarch of England and was best known for his many wives. He split from the Catholic Church and began the Protestant Church of England because the Pope wouldn’t allow him to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon.
Calvinism Predestination--The belief that it is decided whether one will go to heaven or hell when they are born, and that one must not commit sin, like swearing, drinking, card playing, singing and even dancing.
Predestination Calvinism: It is decided That God already knows what's going to happen in your life. It is decided at birth whether you will go to heaven or hell.
Purified Way of Life Calvinism: To live a life with very few imperfections and sin.
Puritans People from the Church of England who regarded the Reformation of the Church by Queen Elizabeth incomplete and sought to simplify and regulate the forms of worship.
Dutch Reformed The Protestant Church in the Netherlands (Holland)
Presbyterian Church The Protestant Church in Scotland
Huguenots French Protestant. Largely Calvinist, the Huguenots suffered severe persecution at the hands of the Catholics. Many of them emigrated from France.
Reformed Church of Germany German Calvinist denomination
Johann Tetzel Put in charge by the Pope to sell enough indulgences to begin building St. Peter's Basilica
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