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Forensic Medicine

written test studyguide for HOSA competition

What year was forensic nursing formally accepted as a discipline by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences? 1991
According to the model of forensic nursing, what are the three sources for the knowledge base of forensic nursing? nursing science, forensic science, and criminal justice
What forensic nurse specialist should assume responsibilities for investigating adverse clinical events in hospitals?
What are two barriers to the advancement of forensic nursing as a discipline and a science?
Forensic pathologists are employed primarily by _________? counties
What is the first determination that must be made when investigating a death? if jurisdiction exists to investigate the death
The jurisdiction of the coroner/medical examiner to investigate deaths generally can be categorized as including deaths of what type? sudden and unexpected
Attending the scene of death by the forensic pathologist is most helpful in ______? every case
What is the medical term for the stiffening of the body due to postmortem depletion of glycogen? rigor mortis
Drug screens are usually performed on what specimen during the autopsy? urine
Dissection of the legs is done if what condition is found during the autopsy?