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Chap 6.2 Review

Social Studies 6.2

______________ is a term for people that claimed to have messages from God. A prophet
_______________ is a term referring to ones children, grandchildren, etc. Descendant
A ____________ was the title given to a temporary Herbrew leader that led in times of crisis. judge
______________ is the Hebrew day of rest. Sabbath
____________ is a sacred song. Psalm
Most early Hebrews were ____________, which means they moved from place to place. nomadic
According to the Bible, Yahweh made a covenant with _____________. Abraham
To have a covenant with God means to have an __________________. agreement
One of the most important contribution of the Hebrews was the belief in ___________ God. one
_________________ was responsible for writing many of the psalms in the Bible. David
This is the name the ancient Hebrews gave to their God. Yahweh
This Hebrew prophet led the Hebrews out of Egypt during the Exodus. Moses
____________ established the Hebrew capital city of Jerusalem. David
Social Justice, another major contribution the Hebrews made to world civilization, is the idea that everyone is created equal under the eyes of God and has a right to be treated _________. fairly
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