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Apartheid SS7H1c

covers GA standard SS7H1c

Who first established trading posts in what is today known as South Africa Dutch
What are Afrikaners white South Africans of Dutch descent
Who took over South Africa from the Dutch British
What does apartheid mean separateness
What was the policy of apartheid in South Africa a government policy that separated the races; mistreated those who were not white
What were the classifications of people under apartheid Blacks, whites, Asians, colored
What was the ANC African National Congress--united blacks against white rule/apartheid
Who was Nelson Mandela leader of the ANC; jailed for 27 years; became South Africa's first black president
What event marked the end of apartheid Mandela's election as president of SA in 1994
How did the world react to apartheid in the 1970s sanctions against South Africa
Who led the Soweto Uprising South African black students
Who was F.W. de Klerk white president of South Africa who called for an end to apartheid and released Mandela
Why did de Klerk and Mandela receive the Nobel Peace Prize ending apartheid and peaceful transition to 'real' democracy in South Africa
What methods did the ANC and Mandela use to achieve change non-violent protest
What problems still exist for black South Africans poverty, unemployment, lack of education, AIDS
What is civil disobedience refusal to obey a law
What is the unfounded belief that one race is better than another racism
What is keeping people separated based on race segregation
Who was a black anti-apartheid activist who died in police custody Biko
Who was a black African religious leader who brought the horrors of apartheid to the world Tutu
Created by: deanfam