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Mrs. P MA class

Test chp. 4 & 23

Hypo-, Sub- , infra- BELOW
FLUOROSCOPY Imaging procedure that shows continous motion of the internal structures.
HEMI- Half
The appearance of an Xanthocyte Yellow Cell
-pathy Disease
liploma Turmor composed of fat
Epithelial Tissue Tissue type that covers the surface of organs, lines cavities & make up the epidermis
Pre- Before
Right Hypochondriac Term for the upper right abdominopelvic region
Chlor/o Green
Cutaneous Pertaining to the skin
Circumoral Pertaining to around the mouth.
Prognosis Predictions of the course of a disease.
Ante- before
-Centesis Surgical Puncture
Example of metabolic disease. Diabetes
Radionclides Substances that emit radiation spontaneously also called tracer.
Pleurodesis Binding of Plurae
NPC- Non Productive Cough Abbrev. of a common complaint to a MD.
-asthenia weakness
Abbrev. that refers to metric measurement Kg- Kilogram, Mg-Milligram, Ml-Millimeter
Polydipsia Much Thirst
Suppurative Producing Pus
Exotropia Turning away from.
What makes up the epithelial tissue. Cells arranged in a continous sheet consisting of one or more layers.
Cyt/o Cell
Describe the Anatomical postion Eyes Foward, Palm forward, Body Erect
Morbid Condition Pathological
Anastomosis Surgical joining of two vessels to allow flow from the other
genesis Creating, Producing
Multigravida Multiple Pregnancies
Tx Treatment
Dia-, Trans- Through
Organism Complete living entity that is capable of living on its own
Magnectic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Noninvasive imaging technique that uses radiowaves and a strong magnetic field
-gnosis Knowing
Orchiopathy Disease of the testes
Morph/o Shape
Tox- Poison
Connective Tissue type that forms blood
Sx symptoms
Cervic/o Neck
Thoractic Cavity that contains the lung.
Albin/o, Leuk/o White
Anurea Absence of urine
Erythr/o Red
Otodynia Ear Pain
Chondromalacia Softening of Cartilage
Cauterize To destroy tissue by freezing, electricity or chemicals
Idi/o Unknown
Poli/o Gray
-pause Cessation
-cyte cell
define Tomgraphy Radiographic technique that produces an image representing a detailed area of a tissue at predetermined depth
brady- slow
Directional Term Indicate and describe specific areas on the body.
Cirrh/o, Jaund/o, Xanth/o yellow
Postprandial Term used for " to take medication after meals"
What plane divides the front body into front and back Coronal
ad- toward
Dysmenorrhea Difficult Menostruation
How does the coronal plane divide the body? Ventral and dorsal
Peristalsis Rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the walls of a tubular organ to propel its contents
Orgins of Med Terminology Greek and Latin
Microcephaly Small Head
Neoplastic Disorder Cancer
Abbrev used to indicate the time of a med or treatment qh- everyhour, qam-everymorning, pc-aftermeals
Heterochromic Different colors
IM abbrev. for injections that goes into the muscle
Febrile Feverish
Perihepatic Pertaining to around the liver
Primigravida 1st Pregnancy
Diaphragm Seperates the thoratic cavity from the abdominalpelvic cavity
NG Abbrev. for meds administered through a feed
FH Abbrev for type of info gathered if the pt tells you their father died of cancer.
Midsagittal plane that divides the body into right and left.
Antenatal before birth
Idiopathic Disease with unknown causes
ultra- excess
Endo within
Etiology Study of the cause of a disease
lith stone
Most likely location of a plantar wart sole of foot
Erythocytopenia Abnormal low RBC
Define "2tabs po tid" 2 tablets by mouth three times a day
Inflammation Body defense against injury
Rhinoplasty Repair of the nose
Malaise Example of a symptom
Created by: shaeesha