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BMMS 7history ch10

BMMS 7history chapter10 (Middle Ages)

Italian founder of a religious order of friars known as the Franciscans Francis of Assisi
Muslim political and military leader; united Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and other parts of Southwest Asia; recaptured Jerusalem Saladin
a series of religious wars by Christian armies to capture Palestine Crusades
court held by the Church to punish people, especially Jews and Muslims, whose religious beliefs differed from church teaching Inquisition
A devout French Catholic who led the French to victory against the English at Orleans in 1429 and was later captured by allies of the English and killed. Joan of Arc
1215 document that listed the rights of citizens and limited teh power of the english monarch. Rights included trial by jury, no taxation without representation, protection of law, and habeas corpus. Magna Carta
representative legislative body Parliament
a deadly disease caused by bacteria spread by fleas bubonic plague
Muslim group that took control of Palestine from the Muslim Abbasids in the mid 1200s. Seljuk Turks
Christian scholar who studied teachings of Aristotle in the mid 1200s. Thomas Aquinas
the recapture of lands under Muslim control by Spain and Portugal Reconquista
a series of wars between England and France that lasted from 1337 until 1453. Hundred Years' War
a bow about six feet tall that shoots 3-foot-long arrows that can pierce armor. long bow
protects people from being sent to prison without trial Habeas Corpus
a group of people who live together and follow the same religious rules religious order
English king who decision to raise taxes led to a revolt by nobles that forced him to recognize their rights in the Magna Carta King John