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BMMS 7history ch9

BMMS 7history, chapter 9 (Middle Ages)

a person who lived and worked on the land belonging to a lord or a vassal serf
highly trained warriors on horseback knights
code of honor that knights were expected to follow chivalry
ruler who led a powerful Frankish kingdom Charlemagne
place where monks practiced a life of prayer and worship monastery
a type of structure that served as the main residence on many manors castle
emerged throughout Europe as a result of greater peace and stability towns
institution that knights were expected to defend Church
main economic activity on medieval manors farming
organization formed by people of the same occupation guild
a thousand year period (500-1450) in which small kingdoms dominated Europe Middle Ages
a political system based on an agreement between lords and vassals feudalism
a long poem that usually tells the story of warriors or heroes epic poem
powerful nobles who owned land in medieval Europe lord
People who protected the lords and their property in exchange for land. It is also another name for a knight. vassal
leaders of the Catholic Church such as cardinals, bishops, and priests clergy
Main part of a noble’s land; served as the center of life for many people in Europe; usually included a fortified building or castle manor