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Unit 4 Vocab Part 2

4.5, 4.6, 4.7

International Boundary Geographic borders between sovereign states.
Internal Boundary Boundary within a state, for administrative purposes or to mark off cultural regions.
Defined Political Boundaries Countries legally define and agree to where borders are located through an agreement or treaty.
Delimited Political Boundaries Identifying the location of the defined boundaries on a map. Usually at the same time that boundaries are defined and done through a legal designation.
Demarcated Political Boundaries Visible marking of the landscape with objects, such as fences or signs.
Administered Political Boundaries Legal management of the border through laws, immigration regulation, documentation, and prosecution.
Demilitarized Zones An area in which treaties or agreements between nations, military powers or contending groups forbid military installations, activities or personnel.
Political Boundary An invisible line that marks the outer limits of a state's territory.
Maritime Boundary An invisible line that politically divides the Earth’s water surface.
UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) An international agreement that establishes a legal framework for all marine and maritime activities.
International Waters Water past 200 nautical miles belongs to no one! These are international waters.
Territorial Seas For up to 12 nautical miles (14 miles), a country may set laws regulating passage by ships registered in other countries. Basically an extension of your land.
Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Between 24 and 200 nautical miles, a country has the sole right to fish and other marine life.
Voting District A geographic term used by state and local governments to organize elections. Drawn by state legislatures.
Redistricting State’s internal political boundaries that determine voting districts for the US House of Representatives and the state legislature. Redrawn to accurately reflect the new census data.
Gerrymandering Redistricting for a political advantage. When the political party that controls a majority of seats in the state legislature draws political district boundaries to maintain or extend their political power.
Federal State A style of government in which power is shared between central, regional, and local governments.
Unitary State A style of government in which the power is located centrally and the purpose of regional or local units is to carry out policy.
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