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Africa SS7H1


What happened that was significant to Africa's history in 1884 Berlin Conference--European nations met to divide Africa into colonies
What was the main thing Europeans wanted with land in Africa resources/raw materials
Why did European missionaries want to go to Africa convert natives to Christianity; education, healthcare
What is imperialism a policy where a strong nations wants to take over land and control it politically, economically, and socially
What is a colony land claimed by a foreign country and controlled by it, both politically and economically
Why did Europeans want slaves to work on their plantations in their colonies in North and South America and the West Indies
When did Europeans create colonies in Africa in the late 1800s; Berlin Conference was in 1884
How did Europeans cause Africans to lose some of their customs and traditions they taught them European ways
What is racism the unfounded belief that one race is better than others
How did racism contribute to the European colonization of Africa Europeans thought they were better than Africans and that it was their duty to teach them a better way
What are the only two countries in Africa that were not colonized by the Europeans Liberia and Ethiopia
How did the Berlin Conference contribute to future conflicts in Africa no African representation; ignored traditional boundaries between tribes and created "artificial" borders
What problems did the "artificial" boundaries created by the Europeans cause put warring tribes together leading to future conflicts and civil wars
What three European countries controlled most of Africa Great Britain, France, Belgium
What were some positive results of the European colonization of Africa roads, schools, hospitals, education
What is nationalism strong belief or pride in one's country
What was the Pan-African movement's goal to unite Africans against European colonial rule
What is the job of the African Union to unite Africans in an effort to improve conditions on the continent
What are some problems the African Union has to deal with drought and famine, lack of education, disease, conflicts, water pollution
What European country colonized both Nigeria and Kenya Great Britain
How is a guerilla different from a gorilla guerilla is a member of a small military force and gorilla is a primate
Created by: deanfam